Pumping equipment for Russian companies

PJSC «Sumy Frunze NPO» started manufacturing batch centrifugal pumps (CNS) and spare parts for them to order of "Ozna" (Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia) and "Techprom" (Belgorod, Russia) . 

According to the signed contract, Sumy machine builders have designed and launched the 12 pumps of type CNS 180-1900-2T-M, CNS 240-1900-2T-M, CNS 63-1900-2T-M and CNS 240-1750-2T-M .

"These pumps will be part of block group pumping stations and are designed to maintain reservoir pressure to stimulation of oil," — said the chief specialist in the general industrial pumps Special Design Bureau of Sumy Frunze NPO Sergei Obozny.

Pump units of the series traditionally in demand and are horizontal, sectional high-power high-pressure pumps. For example, the driving power of the central nervous system 240-1900-2T-M is 1,600 kW. The weight of one unit of this equipment is about 4 tons, its length — almost 3 meters and a height greater than 1.5 m

As the Senior Manager of Sales Management NPO. Frunze Irina Dubrovskaja, the pumps have been a certain amount of modernization, aimed at improving the reliability, longer life and expand their use of the parametric range.

Pumps CNS trademark FRUNZE certified according to API 610.

In parallel, the company is working on a set of spare parts for centrifugal pumps, which will be delivered to customers along with the main equipment. Shipment of finished products is planned for the fourth quarter of 2013.

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