Pupils are planning to give lessons from space

Capital department of education in the next school year starts aerospace program for school children. As told to "Izvestia" in the department, its main purpose — to prepare personnel for the space industry. According to the Rocket and Space Corporation "Energia". SP The Queen, in conjunction with which the program will be implemented, the astronauts have already started to prepare for teaching. "Space" items will be added to the lessons in physics, chemistry and geography.

According to the Department of Education, the curriculum for the aerospace program is compiled. It is assumed that the new program will help create an "environment that provides the aerospace industry a new generation of highly skilled professionals."

The astronauts will show the view from the window and carry out physical and chemical experiments

As told to "Izvestia" Deputy General Designer of RSC "Energia" Alexander Cherniavsky, the astronauts will conduct lessons directly with the International Space Station.

— Should be easy to deliver to the board all the necessary educational materials, — said Alexander Cherniavsky. — Astronauts will demonstrate what weightlessness. As part of geography lessons students will be able to see how the earth looks from a window. Physical and chemical experiments, when there is no gravity, are different, and their conduct can also be broadcast from the spacecraft. Now RSC "Energia" is developing the lessons from space for children of all ages since the first grade. The astronauts could conduct such studies about once a week. We are preparing them for it. I note that the school will be able to get a "picture" of the cosmos, or at the lowest prices or free of charge. This is not a commercial project.

According Cherniavskii, high school students will provide knowledge in the field of space engineering.

— We do not have enough qualified engineers in the aerospace industry — said the expert. — They do not need to prepare their student days, and with the school. The Ministry of Education and the Moscow Department supports this idea.

As noted Cherniavskyi, fundamentals of engineering could be taught in some of their classes — for example, in geometry or information technology.

Head of the Information and Analytical Department of RSC "Energia" Boris Steps told "Izvestia" that in the Mission Control Center (MCC) for the astronauts are being watched, and "picture" can go to school online, it will not bring expensive. The cosmonauts new responsibilities, according to the steps do not cause inconvenience and extra cost to them for teaching are planned.

— It’s part of their job: they fly in order to bring additional knowledge, including school children, — said Boris Steps. — Lessons will simply be incorporated into their daily routine.

— Once we have the technical capability to transmit information from aboard the station in large volumes, you need to use it, — the Hero of Russia, cosmonaut Valery Tokarev. — This will expand the horizons of students. Those who know how to construct the universe begin to think differently about the world.

According to Valery Tokarev, "cosmic" elements can be included in biology lessons.

— Astronauts are experimenting with putting the containers with different bacteria hard cosmic radiation and temperature extremes, — said the "Izvestia". — All living organisms in weightlessness behave quite differently.

Valery Tokarev said that now fewer students dream of a profession astronaut and rocket scientists than in Soviet times, because their information space is usually focused on other areas of life.

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