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Sociologists believe that the number of gifted children has increased

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In the Public Chamber held a plenary zasedenie, which discussed the "social portrait of the Russian youth." And where were read reports containing data of large-scale studies of schoolchildren. The purpose of research, commissioned by the House — to draw attention to the problem of education and the formation of moral values in the modern school. The main conclusion of scientists — the children have changed.

In fact, all have long said that the children were different. But no one could answer more fully the question: "And what the" other "? What has changed significantly in the development of the child? "

"The scientists who conducted the research in the past year, have recorded high-quality mental, physiological, personality changes, — the author of the report, a member of the Public Chamber of Love Dukhanina. — When scientists talk about qualitative changes? That’s not the case when there is excess rate of 10-20% or underreporting rate of 10-20%, and when that which is defined as the norm in science, is changing by orders of magnitude. This is a very serious issue. These changes, which are now fixed to require a fundamental change in educational technology at all. "

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation today highlights the work with gifted children in the federal program. Perhaps it is right, because we are in a situation when in reality every year the number of gifted children, the authors believe the reports. Education community still does not see the situation, and still relates to gifted children approximately 3-5% of the parents have guided for 50% of these children, and the science says about 30-40%.

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