Purchase of fuel tankers Volvo

Passing the test in the Armed Forces of Russia car refueling complex 12-10FMX40 on the chassis of Volvo FMX newspaper "Vedomosti" referring to the statement by the Deputy Minister of Defense of Russian Army General Dmitry Bulgakov said that the Ministry of Defense plans to purchase new universal avtomobilnyyh fueling facilities (ATZ) 12 — 10FMX40 on chassis Volvo FMX (in the article refers to the eight-wheel chassis, but are more likely to have in mind the three-axle). These tankers will come on to supply the Armed Forces of Russia since the end of 2012. "Yes, go to the end of this year. Now they pass military tests. After these exercises, they go to the step of the state tests, and this is exactly 45 days, "- said Bulgakov.Novaya machine ATZ 12-10FMX40 can fill up to 10 pieces of equipment at once (standing armed tankers — only two units). The new fueling systems are based on series vehicles Volvo FMX. Engine life — 2,000,000 km of its life — not less than 30 years. In addition, the tank mounted on the car, repair almost not needed, since it is made of stainless steel, according to Bulgakov. The new complex will automatically cleans and prepares the tank for 10 minutes. It provides, in the shortest possible time to prepare for the carriage of different types of fuel. Purchase and delivery of the new complex is included in the state program of armaments to 2020. We add that the assembly of these ATZ, apparently, to be carried out by JSC "Volvo Vostok" — Volvo assembly plant in Kaluga, in force since 2009. Note that in accordance with the order number 380 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia on May 5, 2009, the products of JSC "Volvo Vostok", produced by Volvo factory in Kaluga, is recognized and included in the national list of approved vehicles and municipal procurement of equipment for the subjects of the Russian Federation with the use of subsidies. Cam refueling complex ATZ1210FM400 mountable chassis Volvo FMX, produced by JSC "Plant a special technique" (Mtsensk, Oryol Oblast).

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