Pushchinskiy inventors have developed a unique product for agriculture

In the city of Pushchino, Moscow Region team of researchers has created a material that replaces the usual plastic film, which harbor a greenhouse. The textile material impregnated with not only protects the fruit and vegetables from the adverse effects of the environment, but also allows you to collect a bumper crop.

 Photo source:olx.ru

Graduate student Andrei Simonov relieves the third harvest this year. In the garden, where his team used a developed film and tomatoes grow like grapes, zucchini and unmanageable, and pumpkin, as in the fairy tale of Cinderella. The fabric can be used in all weather conditions, from early spring until autumn frosts.

Pushchino research project was recognized as one of the best at the conference "Youth innovative entrepreneurship." Development — a real gift for our farmers is not the most productive latitudes.

Smart textiles operates simply, ultraviolet radiation passing through the fabric special impregnation is converted into red light, at which photosynthesis takes place best. The special structure of the fabric allows light to scatter, getting not only the top leaves, but also to those that grow in the shade of their fellows.

The result can not only see but also to hold in your hand and compare with those vegetables and fruits that are grown in conventional greenhouses.

— Plant Efficiency can be increased somewhere depending on the plant species anywhere from 5 to 100%. Product quality is improved by using additives such luminescent films. In particular, the content of vitamin C, keratin, iron, other vitamins — lists the advantages of the development project leader Vladimir Krislavsky.

Experiments with light-scattering films that convert ultraviolet light, began in the 80s. Then they were placed on a conventional polyethylene. The effectiveness of red light was evident even then, but the technology to improve the film was not. Founded Pushchinskiy inventors textile fabric can not only improve the process of photosynthesis, but also for the plants to create a much more comfortable environment at the expense of breathability.

Such a film can be used not only in the garden, and, for example, farm. Red light is not only useful for plants. Animals growing such transformed by radiation faster gain weight.

This season, the novelty tried vacationers Puschino area and marveled at his harvest. Now developers in parallel with the improvement of the film are going to learn English in order to sell the invention abroad. In Russia to innovation are still wary.

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