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The whole world today celebrates the Russian language.

Today — 214 years since the birth of Alexander Pushkin. As a tribute to the great poet. The third year worldwide on June 6, the Day of Russian language. That was the decision of the UN Secretariat.

In Moscow, the celebration has already begun at night. In the garden of the Hermitage were Pushkin readings. The initiator of them became an actress Irina Apeksimova. This afternoon, the doors will open Pushkin State Museum. Everyone will be able to visit it for free. There is planned a special program celebrating. And in the Old Basman Street will be open for visitors House Museum Basil L. Pushkin,
uncle of the famous poet.

In St. Petersburg, on the main streets and squares of the passers-by offered to read excerpts from the works of Alexander. It can be both a textbook verses and poems, as well as lesser-known, most importantly — recite their highly artistic. All the participants will be awarded gifts. In the center of the city also held a literary-historical orientation to places associated with the life and work of classic Russian literature.

Various events will be held in other cities across the country. Russian Language Day was established to promote Russian literature and culture. Russian language — the sixth most spoken in the world. Now owns 260 million people. The leading countries in terms of population who speak Russian in the CIS countries are Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus and Azerbaijan. In foreign countries the Russian language is most common in Poland, Germany, United States, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic.

Now Russian language is native for 144 million people. In 79 countries, there are special university programs in the study of language in 54 countries conducted by Russian schooling. Most children and teenagers studying Russian language as a subject in schools in Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

In March 2013 Russian language has become the second most common in the Internet. On the Russian network communicate by almost 6% of the resources.

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