Put into operation at the bridge crossing on the road to the northern districts of the Omsk region

After a major renovation commissioned a bridge over the river in Avluha Lubinsky area. As a result of this work is reinforced concrete bridge pavement, and the width increased from 7 to 10 meters. Funds for repairs in the amount of more than 13 million directed to the framework of the regional program of modernization of roads.


This the third bridge crossing, renovated in 2012 on the northern route will provide direct safe movement of heavy vehicles in Bol’sherechenskijj, the Sign, Tara, Tevrizsky and Ust-Ishim areas. In September, as part of the program called the completed renovation of the River Rahtovka Tevrizsky in the area, and in October introduced Sargatka bridge over the river on the road in the direction of Tara.

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