Put into operation the air line (VL) 220 kV Pyt-Yah-Pravdinskaya in Khanty-Mansiysk

Branch of OAO "UES FGC" — Trunk Power Grids (MEA) of Western Siberia — introduced to the work of the air line (VL) 220 kV Pyt-Yah-Pravdinskaya (Nefteyuganskiy Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District — Yugra) length of 75 km.

The completed project will increase the capacity 220 kV network between 500-220 kV Substation Pyt-Yah, Trunk, Roslyakovskaya, unload the auto-power 500 kV substation backbone and as a result — to improve the reliability of power supply of oil companies of OAO NK "Rosneft".

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the line, the deputy chief of staff Pyt-Yah by FCC Roman Antonenko said that the introduction of this line in the work provided high reliability of electricity supply and the possibility of further development of Pyt-Yah and all Nefteyugansky area — the construction of new public facilities, construction the residential sector.

The gala opening of 220 kV Pyt-Yah-Pravdinskaya, which took place on the 500 kV Pit — Yah, also took part. about. CEO MES West Siberia Vladimir Konishevsky, deputy head Vitaly Kudashkin Nefteyugansk district, chapter Nefteugansk Vitaly Burchevsky, deputy head of the administration of Pyt-Yah by FCC Roman Antonenko, director of the branch of "ECMC UES" — ECMC Western Siberia Fedor Melanchenko and representatives of OAO NK "Rosneft" and contractors — LLC "Rusengineering", "Noyabrskelectrosetstroy."

"We plan to further develop Nefteyugansky power unit — said Acting CEO MES West Siberia Vladimir Konishevsky. — In the near future we plan to begin construction of 500 kV "Svjatogor" and 220 kV "Vector". These facilities will fully close the problem of energy shortage Nefteyugansky energy system, as well as ensure the development of the oil sector. "

New overhead passes on the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District and is a set of existing 220 kV transmission line Pravdinskaya — Roslyakovskaya at 500 kV Substation Pyt-Yah. During construction, set anchor and 360 angular and intermediate supports. Carried out installation of the main wire and ground wire. Built-in ground wire fiber-optic cable connection will ensure reliable communication between the Unified National Electric Grid (UNEG). Made crossing the line with the existing power lines, railways and highways.

To enable the line to 500 kV Pyt-Yah the reconstruction of 220 kV and carry out assembly of circuit breakers, disconnectors in the new cell line, as well as reconstruction of relay protection and automation.

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