Put into operation the first object of the Omsk Metro

The grand opening of an underground pedestrian crossing, combined with four outputs from the metro station "Pushkin Library".

 Photo source:mostovik.ru

The construction of an underground pedestrian crossing was launched in March 2011. Experts of the NGO "Mostovik" completed all the construction work on the site in accordance with the established timetable.

 Photo source:mostovik.ru

The opening ceremony was attended by the governor of the Omsk region Leonid Polezhaev:
"The opening of the underpass — a landmark event. This is not just a pedestrian crossing from one side of the street to the other. This fragment subway station complex "Pushkin Library", combining and jump and landing platform. I hope Omsk in the near future will see the whole station as a whole, in the form in which it is designed. "

All five stations of the first portion of the first starting line — "The Cathedral", "crystal", "Nina", "Biblioteca. AS Pushkin "and" Prospectus Rokossovskogo "is scheduled to be completed by the 300th anniversary of Omsk, which will be celebrated in 2016.

Work on the construction of Omsk Metro conducted around the clock.

Travel 160 meters right tunnels of the station "Crystal" to the station "Nina", a member of the first start-up portion of the first line of Omsk Metro. By the end of September, the length of the tunnel will be 255 meters.

Today Lovat Tunnel complex is moving at a speed of about 7 meters per day. For the planned increase in the rate of penetration experts NGO "Mostovik" perform work on expansion of the pit at the station "Crystal" — this will allow the use of two of the cars with a marker for otvozki soil.

 Photo source:mostovik.ru

"Once we start full preparations for otvozki soil penetration rate exceeds 11 meters per day. These results will come by the end of September — said Alexander Yankov, chief of construction administration number 44 — in parallel with the development of the breed being installed concrete rings, consisting of high-precision tubing, which manufactures concrete products plant NGOs "Mostovik".

Until the end of 2012 the art of association to be built 1.5 kilometers of tunnels right to station "Nina" and the 673-meter tunnel to the left of the distillation plenum — it is there will dismantle TPK Lovat and docking with the previously constructed 888-meter tunnel.

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