Put into operation the first part of the road Old Main-Matveevka-border Ulyanovsk region

The new road is built in a public-private partnership administration Staromaynsky district and one of the commercial companies.

According to specialists to create lines having a width of 4.5 m and a length of 10 km, using a novel technique — a method of soil stabilization. This has reduced the cost of building one kilometer to 1.7 million.

According to experts, the construction of the road will be completed in the spring. Currently, there began the construction of a modern health center worth 150 million rubles, which will create about 80 jobs.

"With the construction of a new road area will be further developed. The nearby tourist center and recreation, to which previously was difficult to get to, get a new influx of tourists. In addition, close to the Old Maina is an airport "East", which is also beneficial for the development of local infrastructure, "- emphasizes the Minister of Economy

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