Put into operation the longest in Russian avalanche gallery (Krasnoyarsk Territory)

September 14 commissioned avalanche gallery on one of the most dangerous areas of the federal highway M-54 "Yenisei" Abakan — Kyzyl. This segment of highway in winter often overlap due to avalanches: Eyewitnesses say that sometimes during the day can be observed up to 10 gatherings.

The total length of the protective structure, popularly referred to as the "shelf", is 1,340 meters: this is an absolute record for the length of similar facilities in Russia. According to the bill approved by the Federal Road Agency, the entrances to the avalanche gallery from Abakan and Kyzyl decorated decorative portals, made in the style of medieval castles.

Seismic design of beams of the superstructure and the horse is designed to support the object level to nine points. When laying asphalt pavement construction workers was applied modified bitumen that has greater heat and cold resistance, and resistance to fatigue loads, which ultimately increases the strength and durability of the whole structure.

The construction of spent 700 million rubles. This facility will be an important element of the existing complex of buildings on the avalanche-prone sections of federal highways Russia. The facility was built for 3 years and put into operation a few months ahead of schedule.

Construction of anti-avalanche galleries led Mostootryad-91 Abakan branch of "Sibmost": the final stage of work on the subject of the 25-man team. After passing the gallery plans to work on her accomplishment. Builders will provide parking for vehicles from Abakan, as well as an observation deck.

The importance of open avalanche galleries due to the fact that to date, the federal highway M-54 is the main artery of the Republic of Tyva. In the unstable air traffic and only the planned construction of this railway line — this is the only way of communication with other regions of Russia. It is through the avalanche gallery runs 99% of all transport links. This is one of the most dangerous sections of the route, which was covered in the winter due to avalanches. In addition, the Tuva is one of the most seismically active regions in the country. A year ago, there were 2 cases recorded aftershocks capacity of 7 points or more, the 100 small earthquakes.


JSC "Sibmost" — one of the leading bridge-building companies in the country that has full range of works on the construction of roads and railways with artificial constructions, bridges, airports and other complex engineering structures.

Performs most of the work in twelve regions of Russia. Contracts concluded in the coming years more than $ 60 billion.

Materials used — http://110km.ru/roadsjams/102160.html

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