Put into production medication to grow new blood vessels to replace the old

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"Human Stem Cell Institute" presented a drug that promotes the cultivation of new blood vessels instead of deformed

Russian biotech company "Human Stem Cell Institute" (HSCI) launched the world’s first mass production in preparation to grow new blood vessels to replace the old scored cholesteric plaques. The medicine is called "Neovaskulgen", it makes the injection capillary network of randomly spread. The developers say that this method of treatment of ischemia — the only alternative to conducting operations in advanced cases of the disease.

— We did a pilot batch of "Neovaskulgena." Now it passes certification state and then the drug will be available. Conducted all phases of clinical trials, RosZdravNadzor approved it, the Ministry of Health has issued a registration certificate. I expect that within a month of the various programs the drug to be supplied to the hospital — told "Izvestia" CEO of HSCI Artur Isaev.Operation of the drug consists in using gene specific VEGF 165, which causes the organism to grow new blood vessels. Most of the drug, taken into the body is destroyed almost immediately — it metabolized by the liver and spleen. However, about 1% of the gene in the cell digest of administration, and the gene produces the protein in the cytoplasm, is responsible for creating new blood vessels. Protein secreted from the cells into the extracellular environment — the muscle tissue located nearby vascular cells begin to divide: grow new tissue capillaries, formed by the gaps in it, the layers are formed, eventually formed a network of blood vessels. Process attenuates and stops after the cell cytoplasm is a natural cleaning — a substance derived from an organism. The patient is doing repeated injections, and the process continues as long as the biological formed shunt — vascular network which connects the blood flow on both sides of the constriction. This creates an alternate path, and blood flow is restored.

In HSCI said that the drug helped 94% of the subjects: they have several times increased pain-free walking distance (a key figure in coronary artery disease). Five of the 140 surveyed could not avoid amputation. But it managed to postpone: X-ray showed an increase in capillary network in all the subjects.

According to the makers of the drug, the drug registration started in Ukraine, then they hope to enter the European market, agreeing to sell the drug partner.

Investment in new means of combating ischemia, according to Arthur Isayev made several million dollars, and used investor funds, mostly executives HSCI, and profits of the subsidiary Gemabank — storage bank cord blood stem cells. "Neovaskulgen" will be made on the basis of Hematology Research Center (SRC FGBU) MZSR Russia. In HSCI plan before the end of the year to distribute one thousand packages, then ramp up production and bring to 40 thousand units per year. One package of the drug will cost from your distributor 80 thousand rubles, a course of treatment — 160 thousand rubles. Note that the alternative treatment of ischemia is also not cheap: a standard prosthetic vascular surgery, according to him, Isayev, worth about 300 thousand rubles.

Director of the Institute does not doubt that the medicinal product will be commercially successful because of the bleak situation with coronary artery disease in the country. Narrowing of the lumen of blood vessels and reduce their permeability, according to HSCI, suffer no less than 1.5 million Russians. At the same time 144 million people each year revealed a severe form of the disease, and 30-40 thousand patients each year amputated limb. In theory, all these people could help "Neovaskulgen."

The Health Ministry confirmed that the drug is effective and promising for the treatment of atherosclerosis and thrombosis.

— Of course, "Neovaskulgen" will be shown for those states in which the blood supply to the tissue is broken. But this is a broad group of patients, and one drug to treat them is not enough. For the treatment of ischemia need complex preparations as well as sufficient for hypertension, for example, one of clonidine. In cardiology Bakulev have a similar product — "Korvian", he passes the third phase of testing. Similar tools are developed and abroad. And if they did not pass the clinical trials, it means that as long as there are questions to their effectiveness, — says the source "News" in the Ministry of Health.

Experts note that in different parts of the world are now trying to invent some 20 drugs that use the same principle to solve the same problems as drug HSCI. 

— We have no one but HSCI in this direction has not moved. But it is a risky start-up of the institute, including the funds they invest in it — the director of research company Cegedim Strategic Data, Pharmexpert David Melik-Guseinov. — How the drug will behave in practice remains to be seen — there are issues related to the health of proof farmoekonomikoy this facility. In addition, there are other conservative methods of treatment of ischemia.

Doctors expect a breakthrough in the treatment of cardiovascular disease through genetic engineering — a fundamentally new drug discovery. The Ministry of Health say that the most promising developments associated with the enzyme urokinase (used for the treatment of thrombosis) which takzheobnaruzhilis stimulating properties vascular growth. The drug is based on the protein "Yupikor" already went through a phase of pre-clinical tests in front of him checking on people.

Constantine Pukemov


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