Put-stand. Throw — stuck into. Sniffed, not smell

Socks of the "nipple"

Currently, in many countries around the world paid much attention to the creation of various materials and products with antibacterial properties. To prevent the action of microorganisms textile materials during their manufacture subjected antimikrrobnoy processing, whereby the growth of microorganisms and reliably for a long time is prevented, textiles retain their characteristic appearance and its functional properties.

In our country, work in this area is also being very active
The participants of this project are: the Moscow State University of Design and Technology, Moscow State Textile University. Kosygin, PG SPA "Typhoon", Moscow Production Company Ltd. "MER" and a number of other organizations involved in development at some stage of their development

Usually cotton fibers absorb moisture, which contributes to the emergence of bacteria and unpleasant odors. Products which we treat the patented contain a sufficient amount of nano-silver particles to inhibiting the growth of bacteria during the lifetime of the socks.

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