Put the first section of the motorway Russia — China

In Tatarstan, commissioned in the first section of highway with a bridge over the Kama total length of 55 km. The construction of the next section of 145 km.

The total length of the transcontinental corridor along the route St. Petersburg — Moscow — Nizhny Novgorod — Kazan — Orenburg — Aktobe — Kyzylorda — Shymkent — Taraz — Kordai — Almaty — Khorgos — Urumqi — Lanzhou — Zhengzhou — Lianyungang reach 8,445 kilometers. Of these, 2,233 km — on the territory of the Russian Federation, 2787 km — the Republic of Kazakhstan, 3,425 km — on the People’s Republic of China.

On the territory of the Russian route runs from St. Petersburg via Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod region, crosses the Tatarstan and Orenburg region. Petersburg highway will connect with the Chinese sea port of Lianyungang. The total length of the Russian part — 2 233 thousand km, Kazakhstan — 2 thousand 787, China — 3 thousand 425 km.

Transcontinental project involves the revival of the Silk Road, to which another 10 centuries ago the trade caravans from Asia to Europe.

Compared with the existing alternative corridors new route has a number of advantages. While using the sea corridor through the Suez Canal reaches up to 45 days, according to the Russian Trans-Siberian Railway — 14 days. And the corridor "Europe — Western China" trip from the harbor to St. Petersburg and the border with the European countries will be only about 10 days.

"In the first phase of construction of the Russian part of the year 2015 funds allocated 80 billion rubles," — said the deputy minister. The project is a state company Rosavtodorogi together with the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation with a wide participation of investors.

Not by chance at a conference organized by the Volga Customs Administration with the support of the Federal Customs Service of Russia, attended by about 60 companies and organizations in the country who are interested in the accelerated implementation of the transport corridor. Only enterprises of the Volga Federal District maintain trade relations with 163 countries. The foreign trade turnover of the county in 2010 compared to 2009 increased by 24% and amounted to 33 billion dollars.

At present, the Chinese part of the corridor, according to participants in the meeting of the Customs Advisor of the Embassy of China in the Russian Federation, Zhang Jian, is ready. Are accelerated to actively work in Kazakhstan, the project announced the nationwide construction site.

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