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Exxon Mobil is no longer the largest oil producer in the world. Since yesterday this title belongs to Putin Oil Corp — ugh, I would say — "Rosneft", the state-controlled Russian company.

"Rosneft" buy TNK-BP, which is a vertically integrated oil company, owned on a parity basis, the British oil company BP and a group of Russian billionaires known as AAR. As one of the 10 largest private oil producer in the world, in 2010, TNK-BP, placing assets in Russia and Ukraine, has issued daily on Mount 1.74 million barrels of oil equivalent, and recycles nearly half of that amount on its refineries.

Having the TNK-BP, «Rosneft" will control the production of more than 4 million barrels of oil per day. And who controls the "Rosneft"? None other than Vladimir Putin, President of the resource-rich Russia.

TNK-BP has been the economic tale, bringing billions of dollars in dividends to its owners, which however did not turn around times violent nightmare explanation of the relationship between its co-founders. In 2008, at the height of the dispute about the company’s strategy, the Russian authorities have arrested two British managers of TNK-BP, resulting in then-CEO Bob Dudley (who is now at the head of BP) was forced to flee Russia — and this is just one of many partnerships scandals.

An ominous omen for TNK-BP, was the refusal of the post of the director of one of the AAR billionaires, and he made an announcement stating that the relationship with BP came to its natural conclusion. Since that time, did not cease shaft wildest speculation about who might buy a stake in the lucrative enterprise.

Now we know: "Rosneft" buys everything through a two-way operation. During the first part of its "Rosneft" acquires 50 percent stake in BP joint venture in exchange for cash and shares of "Rosneft" for a total of $ 27 billion. After the transaction, the BP of "Rosneft" will be 19.75 percent. The second stage AAR will receive $ 28 billion in cash, although this transaction has not yet been formalized.

And it will still be framed because now billionaires of AAR themselves to be rid of its stake — not to remain in the joint venture one-on-one with the powerful Russian oil company. "Rosneft" gained its current weight by another Russian oligarch, who was left to the mercy of Putin, and AAR billionaires know that they could easily suffer the same fate if they try to build partnerships with "Rosneft" on equal terms.

If all this happens, the daily production of "Rosneft" will jump somewhere to 4.5 million barrels — enough to make the race for the title of the world’s first manufacturer of oil to be neck and neck with Exxon. And the deal that finally fix this state of affairs, will cost about $ 56 billion — for comparison, the cost of Nike — $ 34 billion, and Kraft — only $ 27 billion. If the deal to TNK-BP will be brought to an end, it will be the largest in the industry since then, in 1999 bought Exxon Mobil.

Such figures deserve a little consideration. Russia spends a hell of a lot for the purchase of its own oil production, which in my opinion smacks of nationalization. And given the fact that the lever is Vlad Putin — the "resource-motivated," the leader of the modern world — I dare say that we have witnessed a process of "Saudi aramkoizatsii" Russian oil (Saudi Aramco — the national oil company of Saudi Arabia. Founded in 1933 year as a result of the concession agreement with the government of Saudi Arabia, the U.S. oil company Standard Oil of California. complete government control over the company has been achieved through the gradual redemption of its shares in 1980, approx. mixednews.ru).

Concentration in the hands of Putin even greater resource power can only lead to one thing: to high oil prices and amazing "bull market" of energy.

Found that in this BP

Russia has been a place for BP quite profitable, and despite the fact that the British company TNK get enough of the show-BP, she definitely wants to stay in Russia to participate in the development of the giant oil and gas potential of the North of the country.

The deal to obtain cash and shares of BP gives a good amount of property in the "Rosneft", which is the best way to capitalize on the vast and untapped potential of Russian oil — because so Putin will take measures to "Rosneft" took off the cream.

Depending on the size of the slice-won BP, the company is likely to get one or two places in the Board of Directors of "Rosneft". It’s just as important as all the other places because the people will give BP a regular and direct access to the president of "Rosneft" Igor Sechin, who has a significant impact on the Russian energy policy.

In general, the status of "Rosneft" could allow BP to build closer ties with the Kremlin, who practices much closer control over the oil industry than in the nineties, when the BP has carried out its first investment in Russia.

And anyone who wants to work in Mother Russia should have a furry paw in the Kremlin, or risk to his own surprise to discover that he was sent to the forest.

Putin’s plan is working

Over the past ten years, "Rosneft" has grown beyond recognition — and not by accident, but because for Vladimir Putin it is a tool with which to reiterate the right of state ownership rather strong piece of Russian oil fields. The best-known index case occurred in 2003, when Putin showed being in private hands of the oil company "Yukos" $ 27-billion bill for payment of taxes, and that it bankrupted. After that, the Russian president gave the oil fields of "YUKOS", "Rosneft", resulting in the production of the latter jumped from 400,000 to 1.7 million barrels per day.

It was a blatant nationalization. The head and founder of Yukos Russian billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky was convicted of fraud and sent to prison. In one night, "Rosneft" has swelled from a small oil producer to the largest oil company in Russia.

Putin made the snap of his fingers national oil colossus, a tool with which he could follow his plan re-approval of Russia’s influence in the world by controlling the energy needs of other countries. Which is in the process of concluding deal on TNK-BP — just the next step in the implementation of the plan. If the "Rosneft" really buy TNK-BP, the state oil giant will pump almost half recovered from the depths of Russian oil.

This is a huge amount of production. Remember, only Saudi Arabia produces more than Russia, no country in the world does not export more oil than Russia. The country is an energy superpower — and by the gradual nationalization of Russian energy resources Putin strengthens its grip on Europe’s energy needs.

However, Putin knows that he can not do it completely, relying only on their own strength — his country has insufficient for this level of specialized knowledge in the oil and gas sector. Without proper knowledge and experience in the industry will fail, and the whole plan of Putin goes downhill.

This point is confirmed by the stories. In 1980, Saudi Arabia nationalized its oil industry, the country produces over 10 million barrels of oil per day. In just five years, production has fallen by more than 60 percent.

For Putin, this option is not acceptable. That’s why he encourages BP to stay close — "Rosneft" necessary technical expertise BP to print huge reserves of unconventional oil in tight reservoirs and g
as offshore. In addition, the granting of an important shareholder of BP status allows Putin to maintain the fiction that "Rosneft" — is not just a continuation of the state.

But it is the continuation of Putin‘s government, and as the "Rosneft" takes over control of all of the new Russian oil wealth, Putin’s weight in the international arena will increase. Saudi Arabia could and straining in his early years as an oil-producing giant, but today this country because of its ability to open and close the oil cocks — and thus have an impact on world oil prices — is the center of an incredible impact on the global level.

Europe depends on Russia in terms of its oil and gas. Control the necessary energy to other countries — then take a very strong position to which Putin are constantly moving for more than a decade.

He built pipelines that bypass the problem of the country and provide the energy needed her markets. Through the possession of a large number of mining production and control of 40 percent of the world’s uranium enrichment capacity, he monopolizes the uranium market, leaving the United States in a state of dependence from a new supplier of nuclear fuel. He boosted production in Russian oil and gas, and created the conditions for the development of non-conventional methods.

Russian state gas company "Gazprom" has already looked around Europe around his finger. Russia covers 34 percent of European gas demand, and when the score is in the process of building a gas pipeline "South Stream", this percentage will only rise. And as if these manifestations of expansion was not enough, yesterday the "Gazprom" has offered the highest price for the right to participate in the development project off the coast of Israel, a huge gas field "Leviathan".

"Gazprom" gas monitors in Europe, "Rosneft" controls its oil. Red hand stretches of Russia, stretches to smother the rule of the West and pave the way for a new world order — this, which will be at the helm of Russia.

It’s not so far-fetched as it may seem — or as you would have liked. If the "Rosneft" still buys half of TNK-BP, it will be a real Goliath within the global oil sector. All the little Davids who rely on its oil will be in the power of Putin. The same goes for "Gazprom", as Goliath on the gas arena continent.

Russia in this scenario is able to block the supply in order to raise prices. Putin could play off each other with the needs of oil and gas in the country, forcing the European contractors to adhere to long-term expensive contracts if they want a reliable supply.

Or imagine this: Russia could join OPEC. Suddenly the oil cartel would control more than half of world oil production and bo? Lshuyu of its unused capacity. Having such an impact, OPEC could call a price for oil — and the rest of the world would be left simply to pay.


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