Putin came to a strong man of Saudi Arabia

Sergey Filatov,

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Vladimir Putin received in Moscow on a visit to the Prince of Saudi Arabia, Secretary of the Security Council, the head of the General Intelligence of Saudi Arabia Bandar bin Sultan. A wide range of issues of bilateral relations, the situation in the Middle East and North AfricareportsOfficial website of the President of Russia.

Details are unknown.

However, the fact that the arrival in Moscow of a "strong man" in the leadership of Saudi Arabia indicates that superosvedomlenny in Middle Eastern affairs chief Bin Sultan of Saudi intelligence, which many refer to as "the best friend of America," appeared in Moscow is clearly in order to expand their knowledge about what is happening in the Middle East, perhaps in exchange for some of their knowledge.


Another motivation of its appearance in Russia may be the desire to probe the position of the Russian president on the eve of … well, let some adjustment Saudi policy on Middle East affairs.

Once hard to grip the Syrian army, the Saudi mercenaries suffering defeat after defeat.

Yesterday Army liberated, in general, of Homs. Further its goal — the liberation of Aleppo.

And after that, for the Saudis to agree on anything at all was on Syria will be too late.

So, the phenomenon of Ben Sultan in the Kremlin could be regarded as his attempt to understand what they — Saudis — do next.
A bargain in the East know how to …

In this scenario, the new head of Qatar’s visit to Moscow goes from the category of fiction in the category of the expected event.

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