Putin changes the brains of the West

Western politicians are powerless in their anger at Russia, which, if it can cope with the challenges in the country, is able to regain its status as one of the greatest powers in the world …

"Firmed in their dogmas West does not keep pace with the rapidly changing world. And not only do not have time somewhere in the foreign policy arena, but also within their own countries. No wonder the world has become global and challenges have become global, and politicians were homegrown. Those who felt a sort of American politicians’ political docks ", probably, soon changed his mind," — said in an article titled "Putin changes the brains of the West", which is published on the siteSontrpost.com
The author notes that the Russian living in the U.S. at times clutching his head from the stupidity of American politicians. "We were frankly amazed former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. When asked during the debate, how will you conduct foreign policy, because you do not have international experience, the ex-governor of Alaska gallantly replied that she has international experience with the Russian. The fact is that Alaska and Russia share a narrow strip of the Bering Strait. On the ice, there often sit Russian fishermen, and they come very close to the U.S. border, and so Mrs. Palin saw it all and shouted to them: Come back russians, come back! (Russian, come back! Come back!) International experience of Sarah Palin, just unique, but the brains here and close does not smell. Have You Heard of her Russian ones? Let’s hope not, "- said later in the publication.

In order to understand the essence of things, the author recalls that the Bering Strait smallest width of 85 kilometers hardly allows dokrichatsya Russian on the American side. "But this understanding of Mrs. Palin can not take into account, because of natural inclinations. And this is a politician who methyl vice-president and president of this vice president would be well-known John McCain. So the Russian for Obama to complain about! By the way the current "vitsik" Joe Biden, too, frankly laughable. These people are trying to beat Putin and frankly offended when they do not get it "- the article says.

The article also noted that last week it was reported that British Home Secretary Theresa May refused the royal coroner in writing in a public investigation into the murder of Litvinenko, citing "the relevant decision of the government and the influence of factors of international relations." "But recently the situation was to" reverse disgusting. " Russia openly proposed to change the constitution. One can only imagine what an idiot today feels former Foreign Secretary David Miliband, who actually proposed to change the Russian constitution. I wonder whether he would have enough intelligence to do it now? In any case, in 2009, to a direct question, whether he was giving advice to Putin to change the constitution, Miliband ducked, then an idiot all the same feeling. Let the reader himself to answer, it would be such a head Miliband if Putin was in 2007, not slapped, figuratively speaking, a resounding slap her Royal Highness the Minister. A second slap in the face at the same time slapped Mr Miliband, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov RV "- continues the author of the article.

Here then, is celebrated later in the publication, and took the first shift. "There was still opposition on Kosovo, which the West has managed extremely expensive, perhaps, never in my life did so expensive West has got it. Putin just missed the West through a fine grater and incinerated western arrogance. Since then, no one else comes to mind is that you can ignore the opinion of Russian. There was another episode where the cost of huge losses, Putin has managed to convince the terrorists that take hostages in Russia is hopeless. It’s about the hostage-taking at the time of the musical Nord-Ost in 2002. Yet the terrorists tried again, then there was a school siege in Beslan in 2004, and again had to prove the futility of such kinds of pressure on Russia. During the Beslan terrorist attack visible hand intelligence services of the West. Then Russia paid a terrible price, but more hostage-taking in Russia was not. Dead children terribly sorry and we can only imagine immense grief of the parents, but it can be thousands of lives saved is the same hardness, which showed the Russian President. It should be recalled that until this moment hostage were often changing seasons. Now foreign intelligence services retreated. Bloody scenarios to nothing lead, and this is also drummed into their heads Putin "- the article says.

"If someone thinks that by worshiping Putin, we note that it is not. In Russia there are so many bad things, maybe more than some wealthy countries, but in Russia, and there is more good than in other countries. Remember what it was Russia 15 years ago, an empty treasury and Fetid crush some quite nasty people who did not avoid anything, remember the murder of Vlad Listeva and thousands of other murders. Millions and billions of theft of any "Berezovsky, Gusinsky and Khodorkovsky." This at a time when pensioners were fed garbage in the garbage. Horror comes along with the memories. Today, all this is not. The country has the money, grow wages and pensions. Russians are more respected in the world. Recently, one of New York’s restaurant waiter, a Greek purely by chance saw a silver cross on a silver chain and asked what branch of Christianity the cross. When he learned that the owner of the cross belongs to Russian Orthodoxy, but lived in one of the republics, the Greek said, "No, you’re Russian and tell everyone that you are Russian, this is very cool! Your President as armor, it’s the military superiority of any country as broken watermelon on the wall. I am happy that the Greeks Russian one faith "," — said later in the article.
The author of the publication is difficult to understand how the world has changed over the last few years. "Even those who are always on duty hated Putin, preventing it from dirt, can no longer continue to lie and are increasingly recognized the superiority of Putin. We wrote about it in the article"Ecuador was blown away — now it all depends on Putin". Then the Scotsman reports directly to Gerald Warner said about growing up in the world of pro-Putin sentiment. Whence came this image of the Russian leader. Perhaps this should say a few words. Looking through the recent video footage of flights of Russian T-50, the author of the article pointed out, the fact that the wings of the new aircraft, no longer resembling the wings of a bird, they are by a spreading form more like a fin seal or walrus. The difference here is that the wings are made common so as to "rake up" by itself the air, creating a lifting force. The air is pretty flat substance and swim in it can only conditionally. Another matter is water, there swimming real and pinnipeds use this in all. As is known, the density of water is higher than the density of the air 800 times, and the difference of flight and navigation based on this. Birds fly, raking under his breath, and repel the seals of the water as something more dense. Here also occurs to me that if Western politicians to, figuratively speaking, to fly, you need to constantly flap their wings, otherwise inevitably fall, Putin just floats, starting from the event
, as it allows you to do something and fail. Sorry for the kind of imagery, but Putin feels in politics like a duck to water. He knows exactly how to move a fin to set a new degree of movement. The difference between a "flutter" and "paddle fins" is multiplicity. To fly, you need to often flap their wings to swim, only need to push off fins. That is at work here need stronger, but rare. That’s exactly what we see in Putin "- the author writes.
He also notes that "The West has defied Russia and Putin, but Putin is a time to give a speech in Munich, and all that is said so far, Western journalists and foreign leaders, turned to dust." "Of course, after each speech Putin’s journalists have enough work for many months, write articles and analytical predictions. No one expects Obama’s speeches, everyone knows that there will again be one slippery soap bubbles and thus that there is no word as beautiful, but the use of them a little, "- said later in the publication.
The author also notes that Putin speaks always the case. "The country is actually built. Those who live in Russia, it seems, can not, it can all happen very slowly, but you can trust me, the person who sees it all from the sidelines. Getting in any city where there was only a year, see how here and there there is something new or renovated old. And though this repair and construction is no end in sight, it is clear that the work is going. Quite a different look, for example, in USA. Everyone already knows that the U.S. government going bankrupt Detroit. There can only sympathize with the white population. Today, there is 83% black, he would be there with white can be represented only in a nightmare. Chicago is not far away, shooting is taking place in the afternoon. In a day and sometimes killed up to 10 people per day. And these people, these media is saying about the inefficiency of Putin? U.S. authorities do not want to save Detroit, not because they do not feel sorry for him, but because at the edge of financial disaster are dozens of major cities in the United States and almost all of the small towns. Help Detroit, then will then have to help the rest of the city, and this is a clear financial disaster of the country. Today, the United States continues to produce about 85 billion of unsecured money and then buy back their financial commitments on 45000000000. That is, each month to 40 billion released to the market here in these securities U.S. and stuffed the whole world. All this can not continue indefinitely, "- said later in the publication.
In Russia, the article says, no matter how it is, but these tricks are not currently present. "The main challenges Russia today in the country. An external pressure around the perimeter and with a vacuum inside Russia can be expected breakthrough at any time. If Putin will manage to cope with this vacuum, it will make him invincible country, but personally it’s greatest politician of all time. Those who today cite, for example Churchill, Eisenhower, Kennedy will remain a political dwarf, despite their significant cases in history. The difference between them and Putin is that they worked in the name of their countries, Putin also changes the perception of the world around the world, Putin actually changes the brains of the West through the citizens of those States that have already openly saying we need such as Putin, "- emphasizes the article.

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