Putin decided to reconstruct the White Sea Canal

 Photo source:lenta.ru

The White Sea-Baltic and Volga-Baltic canals will be rehabilitated until 2018. This RIA Novosti reported with reference to the Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin. According to him, as to the date of the said plan to upgrade the infrastructure of the Volga waterway, including the Volga-Don canal. What kind of work will be carried out within the framework of reconstruction of the channels are not reported.

According to him, the most important transport arteries also include the Northern Sea Route. The Prime Minister said that the importance of this route is increasing due to global warming and, consequently, the increase in terms of navigation. Vladimir Putin said that the way for the development of the North program will start construction of linear icebreakers. Over the next ten years on the development of navigation in Russia is planned to allocate at least 400 billion rubles.

White Sea-Baltic Canal connects the White Sea with Lake Onega. Construction on the canal went from 1931 to 1933 using convict labor. Volga-Baltic Canal (the Volga-Baltic Waterway) was built in the 19th century, the radical reconstruction took place in 1964. The lack of modern infrastructure and an aging water transport is considered one of the most important obstacles to the development of inland navigation in Russia, first of all cargo.

The Northern Sea Route links the ports of the Far East and the European part of Russia via the Arctic Ocean. Referred to different estimates of potential turnover for the Northern Sea Route — from 20 million to 50 million tons a year. In 2010, freight traffic on it was less than a million tons, there have been only four ships.

According to government plans, by 2015, the turnover of seaports in Russia will increase by 1.5 times, up to 770 million tons. In 2010, the transshipment of goods through the ports of the Russian Federation amounted to 526 million tons. Heaviest traffic on all ports of the USSR was 404 million tons. For comparison, the turnover of the ports of China in 2010 exceeded 4.5 billion tons. Handling of cargo at the port of Rotterdam (Netherlands) in 2010 amounted to about 450 million tons.

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