Putin just crazy lucky with the price of oil?


Zam.pred. "Democratic Choice" Cyril Szulik ernichayu on Echo of Moscow: "… It was the speech of a tired man with the report of the chairman of the collective farm to villagers’, — And added: "In spite of all the figures, the country is deteriorating and going downhill. Putin just crazy lucky with oil prices ".

I’m so sick it’s a lie!!

Let’s look at GDP growth of several major oil-producing countries

GDP by year:

Even belolentochnikam of the RDC should be obvious that the Russian economy is growing faster than any other oil-producing countries.

Gross domestic product in U.S. dollars at the exchange rate (GDP, nominal), in billions of U.S. dollars:

You can also bring the total oil exports, as a measure of its impact on the economy.
Export to Bareilly daily (2007y year): 

As you can see, Russian exports to ~ 2 times more oil than Norway and Venezuela, but is almost 2 times less than Saudi Arabia. And where on earth is furious growth in Saudi Arabia??

The comments received a request to show oil exports per capita (per year). Please!


So, is it Putin was lucky with the price of oil or Russia with Putin was lucky (in an era of rising oil prices)?

Knockers, think of folk wisdom: "Lucky to those who are lucky." And before … zdet about "it just wildly lucky" learn materiel! And enough already lie.

Sources: Oil exports: indexmundi, GDP 1999-2010: world bank, 2011: CIA.

ZY This article focuses exclusively GDP in current dollars over the years. This is not the same as the GDP-to-purchasing-power-on or GDP-per capita, asking not to be confused with the warm soft. This is the gross domestic product in U.S. dollars at the exchange rate.  

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