Putin promised Belarus Iskander

Despite the lack of official information about the reached agreements in the sphere of military-technical cooperation between the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation on the basis of a private meeting of Presidents Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin in Zaslaul near Minsk, in the light of developments associated with the construction of the U.S. missile defense system in Europe (Euro-ABM), with high probability predicted the emergence of tactical missile "Iskander" in Belarus.

This conclusion is evidenced by a number of facts.

First, before the arrival of Russian President Belarusian and Russian media have announced possible topics of negotiations between the two leaders, among whom were announced and the development of bilateral cooperation in the defense field. And the most urgent on the agenda was the military-technical issues.

Of course, the impetus for increased military cooperation between Belarus and Russia were the results (or lack of them on account of the interests of the Russian side) of the international conference on missile defense in Moscow on May 3-4, as well as the NATO summit in Chicago on 19-20 May. United States and its allies were of the same opinion with regard to the further construction of a missile defense system in Europe (announced the completion of its first phase), despite the claims of the Russian Federation about the threat of interception promising SM-3 interceptor missiles that are planned for placement in 2015 in Romania and Poland, Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Second, in one of his first decrees "On measures to implement the foreign policy of the Russian Federation", after becoming president of Russia Vladimir Putin pledged to "continue to actively expand cooperation with Belarus in the framework of the Union State."

In this regard, including the conditions of new challenges and threats to the west, the main aspect of the development of military-technical cooperation between Belarus and Russia will increase the efficiency of joint regional grouping of troops (forces) (EGC) by retrofitting of both Russian and Belarusian military units and formations by modern weapons. It is possible that at a reduced price to Belarus can be supplied air defense systems "S-400", the MiG-35, Su-30 combat training aircraft Yak-130, and the PTRC "Iskander-E". By the way, the whole squadron (18 planes), the Su-30 is currently in the aircraft repair plant in Baranovichi. To purchase the returned fighters India is also interested in the Belarusian side.

However, the export version of the complex "Iskander" is 1.8 times lower than in the base of range "Iskander-M" (280 vs. 500 km) produced for Russia itself, but in the Belarusian Defense Ministry assured that in case of aggravation of the situation (the threatened period) on the territory of Belarus can advance one of the Russian teams, equipped with long-range "Iskander-M", the formation of which is already completed in the Russian Federation.

Rather, it is about 26 minutes missile brigade of the Western Military District in Luga, which at the end of 2011 had adopted the first "Iskander-M" (in the terminology of NATO — SS-26). Moreover, it can also be incorporated into the combat strength of the EGC. Recall that this modification can be equipped with nuclear warheads (capacity of 5-50 kilotons).

Third, for several years the Defense Ministry of Belarus is positioned re missile brigade (bp purpose under Osipovichi) on the set of "Iskander-E", which provided the state armament program by 2015. Do not forget that the "Tochka-U" though is an effective missile system in its class, but is in the arsenal of the Armed Forces for over 20 years. This scenario of events is the fact that the option of placing in peacetime in Belarus, the Russian military unit, equipped with a complex "Iskander-M", while unlikely. On the one hand, it is expensive, but on the other — will require major revisions of existing international agreements.

The Belarusian Defense Ministry does not comment on which way can come to Belarus, "Iskander", and whether it can be "Iskander-M". Most likely, in the course of the conversation between the two presidents such an agreement is reached.

In any case, Putin’s visit will push for the implementation of priority measures to strengthen the defense both Belarus and the State of the Union as a whole. On the other hand, the U.S. and NATO has once again given a clear message of the possible postponing decision on the placement of PTRC "Iskander-M" in the Kaliningrad Region and Krasnodar Territory. It took note of Washington and Brussels, will show the implementation of the planned activities for the construction of the European missile defense.

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