Putin: Russia can not exclude the danger of

disarming strike

Putin: Russia can not exclude the danger of a preemptive strike.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the development plans of the armed forces should take into account the danger of the first so-called "preemptive strike." As assured the Russian leader, he would not allow an imbalance of strategic deterrence and reduce the effectiveness of Russia’s nuclear forces.

"Among all the military analysts often heard talk thatpossible first, the so-called disarming, decapitation strikes,
and even anti-nuclear powers. This, too, we need to plan for the development of the armed forces ", — Putin said at a meeting on state armaments program in terms of air and space defense (ASD)

"The United States continues to deploy strategic missile defense, there is some reconfiguration and on time, and on the geography of this project, we see and we commend the steps of our American partners positively. However, no one from the program itself does not give up, it is,Only a matter of time when, where, and what elements of the missile defense system will be implemented"- Said Putin.

"We can not allow the balance of the system has been broken strategic deterrence, was reduced to the effectiveness of our nuclear forces. Therefore, the establishment of military-space defense will continue with one of the key areas of military construction "- quoted PutinRIA Novosti.

The Russian leader said thataerospace defense forces must have at least 50% of modern weapons in two years, and in 2020 — at least 70%.
"We will continue to build up the tactical capabilities of the troops, to create an advanced and highly effective system of air and space defense," — said Putin.

According to him, the responsibility in the organization of the defense-industrial complex for mass production and advanced development of weapons systems for air-space defense will be personalized. "And the mass production and advanced development should go according to schedule, without disruption and without delay.Personal responsibility will be"- Said the president.

The President did not pass by explosions,thundered at the landfillin the Samara region. In his view, this state of emergency on the ground near ChapaevskSpeaking about the lack of efforts to ensure security and compliance technologies for disposal of ammunition. "These are the events thatoccur one after the other, — This is not the first such event — say that the efforts made in the field of security and compliance technologies for the destruction of ammunition is lacking. I draw this to your attention and ask you to take into account in future work ", — said Putin.

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