Putin: Russian Armed Forces for 10 years will receive 400 ICBMs and 100 Spacecraft


"In the army will go over 400 intercontinental ballistic missiles, ground-and sea-based missile 8 strategic submarine cruisers, about 20 attack submarines, 50 surface ships, about 100 military spacecraft", — Putin wrote in his program article published on Monday "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".



According to the prime minister, the army will also receive more than 600 modern aircraft, including fighter of the fifth generation, more than one thousand helicopters, 28 regimental sets of anti-aircraft missile system S-400, 38 divisional sets of anti-aircraft missile systems "Vityaz", 10 brigade sets of rocket complex " Iskander-M ".

In military units will go over 2 thousand 300 tanks, about 2 thousand self-propelled artillery systems and guns, as well as more than 17 thousand military vehicles. Putin believes that Russia should restore the full sense of "ocean" Navy in the first place — in the North and the Far East, as well as provide our interests in the Arctic.


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