Putin’s comments are very important

  • Putin's comments are very important
  • Putin‘s comments are very important

The first quote is taken from the words spoken when visiting the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center:

"Rabbi just mentioned about the difficult fate of the cleric, who was arrested in 1927. Said that today’s event — it is really a momentous event in the life of the Jewish people.
You know what I’m thinking. After all, the decision to nationalize the library was taken first by the Soviet government, and members of its approximately 80-85 percent were Jews.
But they are guided by the false ideology and then walked to the arrests and repression, and the Jews and Orthodox Christians, members of other religions, Muslims. They are all rowing the same brush. "

That is very Putin hinted that the coup of 1917 in our country committed Jews. In my memory, none of the leaders of our country did not speak publicly about it. But we know that this coup was actually an anti-Russian.

read more —http://politobzor.net/show-1279-ochen-vazhnye-vyskazyvaniya-putina.html

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