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Lyndon LaRouche: Dvorkovich — British agent

The right hand Prime — Minister Dmitry Medvedev, Arkady Dvorkovich, a young and successful officer, a graduate of Moscow State University and Duke University, USA, Advisor to the Minister of Economic Development Mr. Gref since 2000, as well as many commercial structures. After his wife is in control of the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine, "Polyus Gold" airport "Sheremetyevo", the Russian Bank for Development "Rosgosstrakh", "ALROSA", "Rosagroleasing", "Nafta — Moscow", "Polymetal" and several others. Like any officer of this rank, Dvorkovich not a poor man, especially given his long-standing friendship with S.Magomedovym — a group of "Sum", which owns many branches of Russian business, including seaports, cell phones center of St. — Petersburg, air ports and oil and gas the enterprise. All this is possible with the presidency of Dmitry Medvedev and continues with his premiership. 

But back to the title of the article. Here he writes April 24, 2010 Lyndon LaRouche, an economist, writer and a brilliant representative of the conservative group of American politicians, which included the President and killed JFK:
Dvorkovich is a Russian force, expressing the British influence, destroying Russia, despite efforts to turn in the other direction. What is this gentleman? It represents British interests. He only British agent of Inter-Alpha, a stranglehold glaring in Russia. He may consider himself a Russian, but Gorbachev, especially Andropov, and before Khrushchev — they all tended … Khrushchev Russell colluded. Bertrand Russell — the greatest monster of the 20th century on the planet. Even after he died. So the Russians became infected. What happened? Stalin got rid of someone. And soon after that, when the heir of Stalin, Khrushchev, there was a meeting organized by Bertrand Russell — World Parliamentarians for World Government. And at this meeting were four representatives from the Soviet Union, the official representative. It’s always been a goal of Russell, in the 20s of the last century, and even before, world government, world empire that will reduce the population of the Earth.

I thought about the English Stalin after the war until the end of life? What are they — infection of the entire planet. "They killed them all!" Such were his sentiments, kill them all. These were the true enemies of Russia, the Soviet Union, the British Empire. The post-war conflict, the Cold War Churchill organized with the company. After the murder, or whatever it was, Stalin, Khrushchev came to power, began the expansion of the Soviet Union. Khrushchev was attached to the British Empire, came under their influence. Andropov had already gone under the British, at least, with the Hungarian uprising. And growing up as an English agent of influence, recruiting young Soviet intellectuals, studied English methods, the English economy. He (Andropov) has come a long way. By the time I was faced with Andropov, everything has already been decided. Then I was not talking about him as a British agent, even though he knew about it. But then I lacked the facts. Gorbachev has been an outspoken British agent and traitor to the Soviet Union. A whole pack of today, including Dvorkovich, all are agents of the British. The only way for Russia to become independent and free —Giving them alland to recall the Russian interests. And what Russian interests? Putin knows them, and others know, too.

One can not but agree with L.Larushem that British financial institutions, the combined center of London — this truly a "Committee of 300" high-level European nobility, maintains the most uncompromising war against the independence of Russia, where it has lost the mercy of British intelligence agents in a coup in 1991. United Kingdom since the "East — India Company," and to this day holds tightly to the hand of all financial flows around the world. Hong Kong received as a result of the two "opium wars" with China, British financiers nobody gave their colony, in contrast, has once again conquered China by the Rothschild bank HSBC, transferring substantially all of the European industry in the PRC. Exactly the same thing is happening with Russia, whose gold reserves invested in the British financial transactions and monetary policy of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is fully managed from London and the Wall — Street.

Huge efforts were accompanied by British intelligence, coupled with the friendly CIA verbovanii its agents in the Soviet Union. After the ubiquitous British agent O.Kuusinena and his assistant, as well as a faithful disciple of Nikita Khrushchev, the Soviet monster was born backstage intrigues — Yu.Andropov head of the KGB, who became the father of treason against the USSR and the Russian people, which gave birth to a monster — Mikhail Gorbachev. But what outcome traitors and FTI on Russian soil! Khrushchev removed, Yu.Andropov poisoned shortly after his accession to the coveted post of General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU, presumably with the help of a tandem Yakovlev — Gorbachev seeking as quickly as possible to fulfill the order of their employers by the collapse of the USSR. But after the departure of Mikhail Gorbachev, in turn, gave birth to a monster Boris Yeltsin, "Andropov Five" continue to exist until now, bringing untold damage to our country and our people. "Young reformers" in the face of Chubais, Gaidar, Kudrin, Gref and others became part of the "Byzantine" UK plan to transfer all power to the Russian agents of foreign influence, has escaped this fate and the incumbent Prime Minister, openly calling to sell the rest of the state property to foreign companies, so or otherwise affiliated in the Anglo-Saxon financial institutions.

And an impossible task for privatization of the national heritage of Russia is a graduate of Duke University A.Dvorkovich trying to convey public property into the hands of foreign businessmen. Maritime ports of the Black Sea and Far East are already an area of interest of British intelligence and financial consortia, on the order of airports, communications, banking, and so has the property of being British. Establishment of the Moscow aviation hub, which includes Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo and Domodedovo worked so tirelessly bustles Dvorkovich, is not a simple division of property, not raider attacks, in what way the group has succeeded Arkady Dvorkovich, and full control of the Russian sky from the British and U.S. intelligence. After the successful privatization of the second, thanks to Medvedev — Dvorkovich, no one kilogram of cargo, no passenger is able to freely leave the territory of Russia without the permission of services in England — USA. All doors slam shut the colony finally!

Is this not like to tell the fugitive oligarch Boris Berezovsky, before he was strangled in his own home, after breaking a rib under torture? Cyprus offshore Abramovich and interrogations in the United States suggest only one thing: The UK has an "iron curtain" Russia on the outside of our borders, finally locking our economy in the colonial existence of Russian Power.

Such activities are an agent of influence Arkady Dvorkovich and his group in the government of Russia means only one thing — preparing a coup by liberal forces in the country. Lenin, 8 (21) October 1917 in the "Advice of an Onlooker" pointed out:
An armed uprising is a special form of political struggle, subject to special laws to which we must carefully think about it. Remarkably vividly expressed this truth, Karl Marx, who wrote that an armed "rebellion, like war, is art." Our three main forces: the fleet, workers and military units, so that certainly were busy and the pr
ice of any desired losses were kept: a) phone b) Telegraph, c) railway station, d) bridges in the first place.

Thus, the "price of any desired loss" Medvedev’s government, his right hand Dvorkovich and all the liberal bloc of the current ruling elite moved to the capture and retention: 1. The banking system, 2. Sea and air ports, 3. Communication, 4. Police 5.Natsionalnyh elites in the republics of the Russian Federation. What made this conclusion, why do liberals firmly entrenched at the top of Olympus Russia, worried about their colonial conquests? Block Vladimir Putin and the siloviki businessmen who understand the game treacherous world’s financial elite against Russia, launched the national — liberation revolution for the independence of our country. No other choice neither the president nor his colleagues, nor the whole of our people. Ahead of a deadly battle behind Power. Not just behind Russia, but the very existence of our country, no matter to which Medvedev — Dvorkovich. In this relentless struggle will win only one for whom the truth, courage and boldness for the benefit of Russia and the Russian people. At all times it was part of the Russian patriotic elite, small but strong their ideology, led millions of our fellow citizens to victory, to withdraw from the troubled times. So it will be now!

But as long as there is a positional struggle: Vladimir Putin pulls dress with gold buttons of liberals, then the dress will fall without any effort on the part. In response, the British-wing liberals are trying to block the destruction of the financial system through the work of enterprises and banks, thereby triggering street protests peripheral cities and suburbs, once a "swamp opposition" did not work. Not only trusyaschih and inactive liberals "Medvedev block" the British financial empire pushing for action by the threat of losing their assets abroad and the arrest of the real estate. Not for nothing politician S.Belkovsky May 24, 2010 in the "Moscow Times" is actually a group of Arkady Dvorkovich accused in the murder of the deputy chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation A. Kozlov, who was involved in the money, consigned to the offshore and Chechen advice. Is still so no one realized that all offshore companies controlled by British intelligence services, tirelessly tracking the cash flows of all countries of the world? Example A. Kozlov so no one learned nothing? And in this work of British intelligence in the territory of Russia, have absorbed from childhood tactic of assassinations of the Order of the Jesuits and the Byzantine crafty, liberal bloc Medvedev — Dvorkovich greatly succeeded. The current top of the Cypriot and Berezovsky is a continuation of the ripples on the surface of the infighting, the major collision in front and behind the Liberals are MI6, the CIA and Mossad, created like a carbon copy of one skilful hand.

But be that as it may, the Russian society has already entered into a hot war for their existence and leaving only one — to win, regardless of the number of casualties on both sides. Otherwise — Russian death, the death of the Russian people! On the side of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin vast majority of the people, as well as the prophecies of many of the saints of the coming revival of Russia, the restoration of the Russian state and the Orthodox faith. On the side of the liberal clan Medvedev — Dvorkovich security services UK, the U.S. and Israel, acting on the territory of the enemy, and therefore forced open confrontation prefer terrorist methods that only excites hatred in our nation to the organizers of anti-government acts. It is appropriate to recall the mandate L.Larusha: "The only way to rid Russia and gain independence —Giving them all. " That is why Mr Putin needs every day, every hour in the struggle to consolidate the obtained results using the revolutionary tactics of Marx — Lenin, where the main thesis is concluded in the following words:

Never play with the uprising, and since it firmly, that you must go through. Since the uprising began, act with the greatest determination, and certainly, certainly on the offensive. The defensive is the death of an armed uprising. We must strive every day even small successes (one might say hourly, if it comes to a town), and, by all means, "moral superiority."

Ipatyev KF (GRU Major Retired)

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