Putin said the Russian T-50 is the U.S. counterparts

During the "round table" at a meeting with Russian experts in the field of national security, defense and military representatives of the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said that now there is no doubt that domestic fighter of the fifth generation does best American counterparts, according to "RIA News. " Russian presidential candidate Vladimir Putin told the military experts on the project T-50 (promising aviation complex tactical aircraft — PAK FA) and praised the cooperation with India.
According to him, it will buy this fighter in large numbers. "Obviously, we’ll do it. All questions asked. Technological issue is closed. And we’ll do fast enough "- said Putin. "T-50 doing better than the U.S. fifth-generation aircraft. It also becomes obvious to all professionals, "- he added. Putin, who recently visited the production plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, said today lifted into the air three aircraft, but "this year there will be more cars."

Prime Minister told the participants of the "round table" that the first phase of the project is almost completed Russian aircraft on their own. To reduce the total cost of the project and the final product is connected to the work of India. "They (the Indians), we will buy it, and in considerable quantities", — Putin said.

PAK FA, compared to similar previous generations, characterized by a number of features and combines the capabilities of fighter and attack aircraft. It is equipped with a fundamentally new on-board electronics (avionics) with the function of "electronic pilot" and promising radar with a phased antenna array. The first flight of the T-50 made January 29, 2010, and the first public display of the aircraft took place August 17, 2011 at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2011.

Earlier, Air Force Commander Colonel General Alexander Zelin said that in 2015 the number of participants in the trials PAK FA will increase by almost 5 times.

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