Putin took part in the ceremony of laying the nuclear submarine

Severodvinsk, on July 30. / ITAR-TASS /. Russian President Vladimir Putin took part in the ceremony of laying the nuclear submarine "Prince Vladimir". Supreme Commander of the preferred modified class submarines "Borei" glorious service to Russia. "

Putin believes symbolic that cruiser named "Prince Vladimir" in honor of the great unifier and protector of Russian lands. "By 2020, these boats, such as" Northwind ", we should have been eight: two of them have been tested, one — pass" — the president said before the ceremony. "I am sure that the whole project will be implemented, — he stressed. — New APL "Prince Vladimir", as well as her sisters and brothers, will be one of the symbols of the Russian armed forces. "

According to Putin, it Sevmash "has done a lot to strengthen Russia’s defense capability." "In total, you have collected 129 submarines. This is a unique record. Do not know whether there is still a company in the world that would do so much for their country," — appealed to the Supreme Commander of the employees of the plant. "You of all proved themselves capable of solving the most ambitious goals.’m Sure cope with this," — he added. Then Putin wished success Sevmash employees, "a nuclear-powered submarine — a nice service to Russia."

The very solemn ceremony was held under the marches submarine that served the military band. President of the attached label with the name of NS and its main characteristics to one of the cruiser’s hull sections, and staff Sevmash immediately welded the plate.

This submarine — first, the lead ship of the updated draft 955A / class "Borey-A" /. Unlike modernized "Boreas" is in the strong nuclear missile arsenal: each such submarine will carry 20 ICBM "Bulava" instead of 16 as in submarines of Project 955. With the United Shipbuilding Corporation signed a contract to build four submarines of the new project.

First-class submarines "Borei" Project 955 — "Yuri Dolgoruky" — was laid at Sevmash in 1996. Then, also in 2004 and 2006, were based on two series of ships of this project, "Alexander Nevsky" and "Vladimir Monomakh". The first has already passed the factory sea trials with perspective adopting this year, the second is still under construction.

The submarines of Project 955 and 955A are designed to St. Petersburg CDB Marine Engineering "Rubin". Under the state program of armaments to be built in 2020 and to be commissioned eight missile strategic submarine cruisers — three Project 955 / cipher "Borey" / 16 ICBM "Bulava" 4th generation, and five project 955A / code "Borey-A" / 20 ICBM "Bulava" 5th generation.

Factory "Sevmash" — the only shipyard in Russia, leading the construction of nuclear submarines. During its history, the plant gave the Navy 128 submarines. Currently, there is building nuclear submarines, "Vladimir Monomakh" and "Kazan", as well as preparing for the transfer of the head of the Russian Navy nuclear-powered submarine missile new generation "Yury Dolgoruky". The new submarine "Prince Vladimir" project "Borey-A" refers to the fourth generation of strategic nuclear submarines.

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