Putin will launch Lada Largus

Today in Togliatti Vladimir Putin "bless" the launch of series production of the new model of AvtoVAZ (together with the alliance Renault-Nissan) — Lada Largus. The prototype of this versatile high capacity became Renault Logan MCV. However, it had to be adapted by the Russian roads and gasoline, as well as to protect the body from further corrosion.

Vladimir Putin, according to the established tradition, will start mass production of a new model of AvtoVAZ. This time it will be a Lada Largus.
Lada Largus will be presented to the passenger (seven-and five-seat station wagon) and cargo (wagon) variants. Home sales scheduled for July 2012. Lada Largus — AvtoVAZ joint project with Renault and Nissan. At the beginning of 2010 was stopped by the first line of the main conveyor AvtoVAZ, which in 1970 was about classic (assembly was transferred to the plant "IL-AUTO"). AvtoVAZ has started a project to produce cars in the B0 platform (welding, painting and assembly of five models of three firms on the same platform).

Production of B0 — the first large-scale joint project of AvtoVAZ and Renault-Nissan Alliance with a production capacity of 350 thousand cars a year. The costs of creating new production amounted to about EUR 400 million (25% — AvtoVAZ, 50% — Renault, 25% — Nissan).

 The Russian market, with sales of 2.8 million vehicles in 2011 — the second in Europe after Germany and the fourth in the world after China, the U.S. and Germany. Passenger cars were sold 2.48 million (+ 39.5% by 2010) of cargo — 128.4 million (+ 61.4%), buses — 16 million (+ 19.4%), light commercial vehicles — 172.6 million (+ 25%). The market share of passenger cars produced in Russia amounted to 68.3% (67.9% in 2010), of which the traditional Russian brands had 24.6% and foreign brands — 43.8%.

The most popular on the Russian market of passenger cars are production models AvtoVAZ (the first 4 places). On the fifth with sales of 97.2 million cars Hyundai Solaris, the sixth — Ford Focus (sales 82.5 thousand), in the seventh — Renault Logan production of "Avtoframos" (81.9 thousand).
Car production of all kinds (including foreign auto brands) in 2011 amounted to more than 2 million gain in 2010 — 41.7%. The volume of production in January-February 2012 — 306.5 thousand units (+ 20.2% compared to the same period of 2011).
Production of passenger cars in 2011 — 1,746.8 million (+ 43.8% by 2010). In January-February 2012 it amounted to 274.5 thousand units (+ 19.8% by 2011 — mu). In the production of domestic models there was a decline of 14.7% (84.3 thousand), and foreign production increased by 45.9% (190.2 thousand).
The largest producers in 2011: AvtoVAZ (561.7 thousand), Ltd. "Autotor-Holding" (222.1 thousand), of "Avtoframos" (142.3 thousand), LLC "Hyundai Motors Manufacturing Rus’ (138 , 8 thousand), LLC "Volkswagen Rus" (135.4 thousand).

Production of freight cars in 2011 amounted to 94.5 million units (+ 39.6%). Major producers: JSC "KAMAZ" (45.2 thousand), Ltd. "AZ" GAS "(24.8 thousand), Ltd." AZ "Ural" (11 thousand). Production in January and February 2012 amounted to 13.7 million units (+ 37.4% by 2011).
Bus production in 2011 amounted to 15.3 million units (+ 20%). Largest Producer: "PAZ" (10.0 thousand), LLC "LiAZ" (2.3 mil). Production in January-February 2012 was 1.9 million units (- 4.0% by 2011). The production of domestic models has increased by 3.5%, while foreign production fell almost to zero.

Production of light commercial vehicles in 2011 amounted to 172.6 thousand units (+25%). Largest Producer: "AZ" GAS "(79.7 million), OAO" UAZ "(33.5 million), LLC" Sollers-Yelabuga "(11.1 thousand). Production in January-February 2012 amounted to 16.5 million units (+ 18.3% by 2011).

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