Pyongyang has acquired Ukrainian aircraft manufacturing

The An-148-100, manufactured at the production plant Antonov (AVIANT) in the evening of February 4 flew Gostomel and headed for Pyongyang.

As the data online radar flightradar 24 airliner under the call sign of the North Korean flag carrier Air Koryo made a stopover in Omsk.

The aircraft is painted in white, blue and red livery of Air Koryo, and its tail number P-671 belongs to the register of North Korea. First airliner was seen at the production plant Antonov late last year during a visit to the airline, Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov.

In fact transmission GP Antonov aircraft not comment. Air Koryo fleet now consists mainly of old Soviet-made aircrafts Tu-134, Tu-154, Il-18, Il-62. The carrier also operates Tu-204 airliners, which were released in Ulyanovsk.

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