PZGT mastered serial production shlamovozov

Perm Plant Truck Engineering (PZGT) developed and began mass production of the vehicle and special containers for loading sludge from the liquid phase. Facilities hydraulic crane can mechanize the process of loading and unloading without raising additional funds.

Body of the car is made in such a way that enables the transport of oil sludge directly in the body without the intervention of the container. Thereby significantly reducing the cycle time of loading and unloading, due to the elimination of his downtime in the car waiting for filling a container of oil sludge, according to a release from the company.

The design of the body is provided shlamovoza type 2 tailgate locking mechanism. The locking mechanism of the tailgate is located under the rear body overhangs and operates automatically when the body. Tailgate body has a seal which seals the board at the close. General climatic performance of the car is suitable for operation in ambient temperatures from — 40 ° C to + 40 ° C and can be used in forestry, oil and gas and other industries.

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