QMS has commissioned a first portion of machining workpieces

In the workshop for the production of non-ferrous metal powders number 40 Stupino Metallurgical Company (QMS) commissioned the first phase of the area of machining workpieces drive turbine engines of heat-resistant nickel alloys.

The design capacity of the first phase of the area of machining — up to 240 pieces per month CDs. The line consists of five lathes with computer control. The machines are designed to handle workpieces up to 1200 mm, height of 400 mm and a weight of 500 kg. Total land area is 2 thousand m2. Produced blank discs will be used in gas turbine engines of aircraft MiG, Sukhoi, and the fifth-generation aircraft.

Launch of the new equipment implemented in the framework of the Federal Target Program "The development, restoration and organization of strategic, scarce and import of materials and fine chemical products for weapons, military and special equipment for 2009 — 2011 and for the period up to 2015".

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