Quad-eclipse in Montevideo opinion of Russian experts



Quad-eclipse in Montevideo opinion of Russian experts 
01.12.03, the


Unusual natural phenomenon was observed a group of scientists from NASA, watching the lunar eclipse on November 8 in Montevideo (Uruguay).

One of the pictures quad-eclipse (Photo by NASA).

Instead of the expected object in the sky at 2:13 emerged as four different phases of the moon eclipse.

Checking equipment, scientists have recorded the image on the camera and the digital phototelescope.

Only two weeks after the shooting, to no avail completing the examination, the authors have provided pictures of his colleagues from Egypt, Russia, Laos and Sweden.

According to experts Rosaviacosmos who studied these photos, this phenomenon is not surprising.

"This is the most common macroscopic isothermal quasiprojection on termoatmosfernuyu metaploskost" — told our correspondent representative Госгидрометиогазводметеосервиса Stanislav Poteryakhin — "If you look at the recorded phases of the moon, then the obvious fact hronosmescheniya reflect a component of the stratospheric ozone gelioobrazuyuschuyu zikstelya. We are seeing is almost every week."

According to Poteryakhin, in the future, people will learn how to model such phenomena are not only the moon but also sunny aspect.

"Four times the light by day and night will be relevant soon. Everybody knows that the sun is cooling down rapidly, and the dark side of the moon increasing at an alarming rate," — he added.



























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