Quality of propane to Tobolsk-Petrochemicals brought to the European level

On the "Tobolsk-Petrochemicals" commissioned purification unit propane fraction of methanol, which will bring the quality of propane to the European level. Methanol is contained in the input to the processing of raw materials — a broad fraction of light hydrocarbons — concentrating the processing in the propane fraction in the amount of more than 2000 ppm. By Russian standards, the methanol content in the propane fraction is not regulated. However, in countries of the European Union, where the production of the products are exported, the current standard that establishes the content of methanol at a level not more than 2000 ppm.

Currently, after debugging mode and commissioning of the methanol content in the propane fraction is maintained in a range not exceeding 1,000 ppm. The new node can be cleaned from the methanol fraction of the total volume of propane produced by the company.
In addition, the research center for gas processing company "NIPIgaspererabotka" completed development testing new technology for cleaning of commercial propane gas to methanol, based on the principle of azeotropic separation. In the next step to be experienced technology test and confirm the value inscribed in bench trials. Expected result — obtaining baseline data for the design of the process plant to clean up the propane from the methanol capacity 240 tons per hour with those in methanol content not exceeding 50 ppm. New cleaning technology from the methanol will be used to "Tobolsk-Petrochemicals" with the possible construction of a new gas fractionation plant, the press service of the company.

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