Quality or Standard? The Russian lines had a chance to become the roads

The mechanic from Chita 20 years ago created a road roller, which is able to transform "the Russian direction" in the road.

A resident of Chita Sergey Potapenko has designed a modified model of road roller, with which you can create an almost perfect road surface. Potapenko graduated from graduate school in Leningrad, where he worked on sealing asphalt pavement. Then, 20 years ago, he came to the conclusion that the standard gladkovaltsovye rollers for quality seal of the roadway are not suitable for several reasons: they are in the process of rolling driven in front of a "wave" and leave cracks (which are not taken into account when taking work). The alternative was found: the mechanic has developed a simplified diagram of the rink, which was created by the machine. Potapenkovsky rink then operated on the basis of road management in St. Petersburg. During machine operation it was found that the ice rink is not only able to qualitatively ukatyvat asphalt, but also saves money for its operation in the 2-2.5. Unfortunately, the car no longer operate. Because the rink has not been registered at a party, the technique was not included in the project design. Like many "Russian minds," Sergey did not find the application to their abilities in a professional field. Now Potapenko is a member of the Manufacturing Department of the Federal Penitentiary Service. Despite the fact that the invention was not rated mechanic 20 years ago, the man continued to work on the project on the basis of medical and prison number 4 in Chita. This year, Sergey managed to assemble a new prototype of the rink.

On the basis of serial paving roller DU-54 Potapenko has created an ultra-light unit, which is fundamentally different from the standard. Around the smooth metal roll mechanic set four rollers with tension adjustment mechanisms that are put on a conveyor, rubber-fabric tape to the interaction with the road surface did not begin with a smooth roller and a conveyor belt. The result had the effect of crawler. Chita road builders were able to try out the new rink potapenkovsky this summer. During operation of the upgraded model revealed that: the car does not form a "wave" in the rolling of the web; leaves no longitudinal seams, ten times reduces the appearance of microcracks after compaction, reduces the number of passes.

Noteworthy is the fact that the project was carried out entirely by Sergei Medvedev’s and helped the inventor of one of the prisoners prison!

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