Quarterly report of Gazprom

 Photo source:expert.ru

Net profit of "Gazprom" under RAS in the first half of 2011 increased by 1.8 times compared to the same period last year and amounted to 487.8 billion rubles.

In its quarterly report, the company also reported that revenue for the period of the Russian gas monopoly has grown by 34.3% (to 1.85 trillion rubles from 1.375 trillion rubles a year earlier). In the Russian market sales of gas increased by 18.7% for the CIS and Baltic countries — by 73.3%, of the countries of the world — by 43%.

Gross profit increased by 35.4% to 1.068 trillion rubles. The company’s profit before tax increased by 1.8 times (up to 631.8 billion rubles from 344.96 billion rubles a year earlier). Long-term liabilities of "Gazprom" for January-June fell by 5.1% and amounted on June 30, 952.5 billion rubles. Current liabilities have changed downward by 10.6%, to 567.7 billion rubles.

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