Quay Tours in Tyumen

In the historical part of Tyumen is working on the Tura River Waterfront Revitalization.

The project involves several phases of construction. Currently, builders complete the construction of the first stage. According to the schedule, it should be commissioned in 2011.

The draft quay three stages: from the Bridge of lovers to the bridge on the street. Chelyuskinites, from the bridge on the street. Chelyuskinites to Alebashevskaya Bridge and the Bridge of love to the mouth of the river Babarynka. the total length of the promenade will be 4 kilometers long. We are currently building the waterfront area of the mouth of the River Tours Tyumenki to the bridge in the alignment Street. Chelyuskinites.

It is planned that the first phase of the waterfront (1.3 km.) Completely (currently open for walking a little more than 700 meters) will be open for visitors this fall. The first part will be filled with bronze bas-reliefs on the history of Tyumen, portraits of prominent residents of the city, honorable citizens, it is planned to establish a map of the historic center, is engraved in the granite. It also planned to place the sculpture on the historical motif. Which objects still appear on the new promenade, is now discussed the architectural community and the people of the city. The project is unique because landscaped slope height of 25 m in accordance with the project on the waterfront provides four levels of walking areas. The project provides for the embankment of the flooded, so the lower level and stair descents fully implemented in granite.

Construction of the Tyumen waterfront is the city’s budget in order to protect the shore tours from the constant flooding and lateral erosion. In addition, the project will create conditions for the rest of the townspeople and attract more investment to the city budget. Quay will be used all year round — both in winter and in summer conditions. On the slope is designed multi-level car park.

The second phase of construction of the bridge on the street. Chelyuskinites to Maslovskoye vzvoz — the so-called Emperor’s Wharf. Previously, there was located a marina, river station. The third stage includes the waterfront area of the Bridge of lovers and almost to the mouth of the river Babarynki. At present, the coastal zone is built up by industry. Already there is a proposal to create on this site volume map of the city waterfront. As part of the third phase of construction is planned to equip the marina for pleasure craft between the bridge and the mouth of the river lovers Tyumenki. Near the pier — car parking for guests. While these two lines only exist in the project, and their architectural character defined only conceptually. The decision as to what the name will be wearing a new Tumen promenade, is still pending. While the list of possible names of three points — quay Ataman Yermak Kalashnikov, the promenade and the Admiral Pos’eta Kuchum embankment.



























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