Rabbit named The Seagull

     In Russia the first time in 20 years a new breed of rabbits

Faced with a shortage of large purebred rabbits in the Primorsky Territory, Vladimir and Lyudmila Kurbatova have decided to withdraw the right breed for the benefit of Russian agriculture hozyaystvu.A appealed for support to the Agricultural Bank. And it has paid off.

The State Commission for Testing and Protection of New Varieties of Plants of the Russian Federation has registered in the Register of Protected Selection Achievements large breed rabbits "The Seagull," which brought Vladimir KURBATOV in his nursery. By the way, in the last 20 years in the Russian new breed of rabbit is not displayed and recorded.

Eared pets Kurbatova favorably with those of the other inhabitants of the coastal town houses. "The Seagull" — large breed rabbits: in six months old, they already weigh about 6 kg. In addition, these rabbits are not afraid to tolerate frost and damp coastal climate.
His "bird" name kurbatovskie rabbits received for the original color of fur, like a gull plumage: the head and the front part of the body — white, and her cheeks, ears and back of all — black and silver. Rabbit "Seagull" prolific, on average, at birth, the light appears on the eight kids that are rapidly growing and gaining weight. Rabbits are up to 80-84 days with a rabbit. The longer they get mother’s milk, the healthier.
Last year, private farming has grown into Kurbatova peasant (farmer) with the main economic activity — scientific research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering. Now, in the village of Glukhovka works only in Primorye, a non-governmental research laboratory in the field of agriculture!

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