Rabbits thought they loved each other, and simply diluted

The requested page could not be found. So now responds with a link to read that I was just going. It is this: http://news.km.ru/razoblacheniya_navalnogo
It is not clear why the link disappeared from the tape, but stayed here. Is it because what else to try to find her.

Actually it’s not that attracted me to this reference so far as to have a little adventure, an excerpt from her. Which I want to share with you. 


"… Because just like that on the congressional hearing anyone not invited, there is a question that the great Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky imaginatively presented with the following phrase:" Tell me, if the stars are lit, it means that someone needs?. "And any man who at least minimally familiar with the organization of public relations campaigns, at the sight of such information wave remembers the old anecdote: "Rabbits thought they loved each other, but in fact they were diluted" …
… That for any construction everywhere and at all times the norm "cuts" and "usushek-utrusok" reaches around 20% of the estimated cost of construction — where money, where "nature" (eg, building materials, as it was in the USSR). Yes, in the case of ESPO this scale increases, but, given the uniqueness of the site, but not exorbitantly. We have a much more "scandalous" objects, but they are not interested Navalny, and when they appear on the Internet, no one is advocating …
… It — do not fight against corruption, and the advertising campaign, which aims to not attempt to stop the harmful phenomenon for Russia, but something else.

Even more disgusting is that in this process is clearly sticking out ears of American "fighters for democracy." It’s no secret that the current system of corruption in Russia was largely "put" American advisors of our liberal reformers, some advocates of this system and now occupy senior positions in the White House in Washington. In this sense, the Americans would keep silent, or at least hold its own investigation (the fact that it was so long — the tears), but no: they are so gleefully seized upon the specific history with the construction of an oil pipeline to the east, which immediately raises questions …
… I will fight corruption in Russia by all means available to me — without a doubt, well-wishers, pursuing some purpose unknown to me … " 

And on an adventure in this topic is much more interesting. Read it, do not regret it, for example a little more interesting opinions 

.Before our eyes … from nothing, from zero to minus mold of "national hero", "knight without fear of reproach." The team works deftly spin doctors, do not argue.

Lord "Russian nationalists" and fellow "left", fresher! Do you know anyone PR, so hard? Biography Leschi Navalny is very saturated. Podmoskovny boy from the military camp, which became the "effective politmenedzherom" successful adventurer, brash and cocky. Completed Liberal oranzhoid. In the recent past — the active "apple" functionary, executive secretary of the "apple" Committee for the Protection of Muscovites (also working on the Union of Right Forces), the candidate of the Moscow City Duma on the list of "Yabloko — United Democrats", the organizer (along with her friends Masha Gaidar and lesbian Natasha Morar) ultraliberal youth movement "Yes", a member of the Public Council of the Central Administrative District of Moscow, the initiator of Education of the Youth Public Chamber. One of the creators of "dissenting" movement "people." Chairman of the Union of Minority Shareholders. Advisor to the Governor of the Kirov region, the former leader of the Union of Right Forces Nikita White, head of the Foundation to support initiatives governor of the Kirov region. Expert yurgensovskogo the Institute of Contemporary Development (INSOR). "Man of the Year — 2009" according to the newspaper "Vedomosti", "virtual mayor of Moscow." Over the years, working closely with Stanislav Belkovsky, who coordinates the campaign to Lesha’s "canonization". Seen on the Maidan during the "orange revolution" in the events "dissenters" and even to participate in the preparation of one of the "Russian March" (aided by a friendly relationship with Belov-Potkin, Yermolaev and Thor-Kralina). Once there was a lawyer in the company of ST Group «reputable businessman" Shalva Chigirinsky actively traded on the exchange. Now heads the family law firm, "Navalny and partners", is co-owner Kobyakovskoy on basket weaving factory (former collective farm "Path to Communism") in the Odintsovo district, owner of a chain of grocery stores and a number of organizations on the "black PR". For more than a year, a permanent resident of the United States (studies at Yale University, "in the framework of the international program for the development of leadership"), which pleases the public hamster ever new "revelations" …
The project … "Bulk" is selected as the "megaslivnogo tank" by several institutions — both domestic and foreign. Alex himself — no fool, he knows that the "drain" is short-lived career. And what is the role of the "new Gongadze," he claimed in a much greater extent than Politkovskaya Kashin or beaten … "

Or this text found in the same place, at feerichen

Who else for Navalny? Is it not clear that this liberast not lift a finger for the good of the motherland? How were saying the same Hazin "Rabbits thought they loved each other, but they just planted."

According to the charges Navalny on site (more than Leman), from a lack of dietary meat and pelts liberasty not will die.

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