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Recently, more and more large-scale sporting events happening or will happen in Russia. In addition to high-profile, such as the 2014 Olympics, FIFA World Cup 2018, still a large number competitions are not so discussed, but no less vazhnyh.Vzyat, such as World Championships in Athletics, Hockey World Cup, World Cup Bandy, the Universiade and a number of championships in other disciplines will be held in our beloved country (do not scold me if something is forgotten and carried some sports in the "other", and hockey wrote and thereby offended anyone … I just love hockey with a ball XD). Nationwide built sports infrastructure, both for the very young, just starting its sporty way, and for the professionals (if you look at the articles on this site, then you will see for yourself.) Ie, you can say, athletic Russian life is developing and progressing every day, not only at the professional level, but also at the general sports and wellness. We conclude that Russia is developing sport across the board.

But there is a huge section of sports, so-called — "technical" and one of its lines is MOTORSPORT! During Soviet times, it is quite the same, well developed as a nationally and internationally-built tracks, developing auto industry, but with the collapse (collapse) of the USSR every industry, not just a sport, nachili survive hard times, and of course the most technological and cost of production have collapsed (mikroellektronika, machine tool, automotive, etc.). About motorsports could forget 10-15 years … ((plus, even read somewhere that at the time of the Soviet Union in the basic tracks were built in the Baltic States, on Ukraine and of course they all went to the "foreign" territory). short, so as not to breed here verbiage, go straight to the main-motor racing got a second wind just 5 years nazad.I in this article I wanted to show how fast it develops that This being done, namely, on the slopes of world-class!





1) Herman Teal’c — the architect of race tracks, the world’s leading architect of race tracks, almost all new tracks of Formula 1 has designed it, but he monopolist in the formula))) and many tracks he projects in Russia (good or bad, don `t know, but the the fact that the Russian designs Tilke tracks, at least, prestigious!)

2) Why is the second category of FIA? Because the route of category 2 can receive all events, both local and international (bikes, trucks, passenger cars and anything that moves))), except for Formula 1 and their tests, and hence it is full racetracks.

3) Fixed Ring race track is a system of paved roads and sites with related equipment adapted for competitions in automobile and motorcycle racing circuit. The track is furnished and equipped with all the safety features prescribed specific requirements set out in the documents of the International Automobile Federation (FIA) for the race tracks of the 2nd category, namely: security guards, special bumpers, asphalt security zones, modern design of the tire barriers, fences Placement viewers concrete fence with wire guard band between the pit lane and the start-finish line. 

4) The first category of the FIA Trails in Russia, so far, two are under construction, in Moscow and in Sochi. And that’s good! 



Nizhny Novgorod ring 





Construction of the line was launched in late 2008, opened in July 2010. The track has a length of 3222 meters in seven different configurations, including a lane for DREG-racing (805 meters), oval (617 meters), and can be divided into the training area (1836 m) and the zone for the go-kart (1379 m .) Located 16 km from Avtozavodsky district of Nizhny Novgorod.

Three-layer asphalt is laid in accordance with the international requirements to the tracks at that level. The track is built in accordance with the standards of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), which will hold all kinds of events, including international, except Formula1. Athletes speak about the track as an interesting track that requires great skill from the pilots.

In addition to the actual sport track and all the necessary equipment for racing, built paddock, covered grandstand seats for 4820, allowing viewers to see all the interesting parts of the route, as well as parking, 19 boxes for two cars kazhdyy.Planiruetsya building cafe, car wash, service and technical center , the administrative building and a conference room.


Circle —


Characteristics of the route 

Key Features:

The length of the route — 3222 m
The longest line — 400 m straight for drag racing — 805 m
Minimum width — 12 m
Maximum width — 16 m
Coverage — asphalt / blacktop
Maximum design speed on the starting line — 233 km / h
Average estimated wheel speed — 132 km / h
The direction of motion — clockwise
Number of turns — 15
The allowable number of vehicles of participants:
Formula — 30
Sportprototip — 32
Travel (up to 2000 cm?) — 35
Travel (up to 1600 cm?) — 38 


Clip —



The project provides three tracks for circuit racing and go-kart track, training, and drag racing:

Cross-track racing (direction — clockwise, width 12-16m)
 1) Configuration A — 3222 m
 2) Configuration B — 2850 m
 3) Configuration C — 2,009 m
Configuration D: straight for drag racing (length 805 m, w
idth 16 m).
Configuration E: oval (length 617 m, width 12 m).
Configuration F: training track (length 1836 m, width 12 m).
Configuration G: go-kart track (direction — clockwise, length 1379 m, width of 10-16 m). 


ARCHITECT: Mikhail Gorbachev, Andrei WHALE (Gorbachev is very ineresno book on driving and in general he is a man with a name)



The Red Ring




The stationary ring Speedway (race track) for the competition on road circuit racing. Designed and built in accordance with the requirements of the FIA (Fédération Internationale). Located in the district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Yemelyanovsky on 801 km of highway M53 "Baikal", 10 km from Krasnoyarsk.


Circle —


Characteristics of the route

Trail length — 2160 m
Minimum width — 12 m
Maximum width — 16 m
Coverage — asphalt
The direction of motion — clockwise, counter-clockwise
Number of turns — 13


Clip —


In April 2007, construction of the line was laid in June 2009 on the ring blshom passed the stage of the Championship and the Cup of Russia on circuit racing series RTCC.




 The track is designed for year-round operation with a cold winter nonstudable rubber.



Kazan-ring (Canyon) 



The track, built near the Kazan bypass road near the racetrack, "High Mountain". The track has a length of 3,450 kilometers and a vertical drop of up to 28 meters. Construction of the highway began in 2006, designed to G.Tilke.Vplot before last season of the year there were race fans, drift sessions and test drives. After reconstruction in 2010, the track was renamed "Kazan-Ring," and now carry out national and, soon, the international chempionatoy.


Clip —


Characteristics of the route:


Track length — 3450 m

Width — from 9 to 12 m

The difference in height — 28 m

Estimated time — 1 minute. 14 sec. The direction of movement — counterclockwise (on the plan)

Curbs — yes

Gravel trap — yes

Pit lane — yes

Boxes — yes

Fencing — yes

Stands — yes


Circle —


Smolensk Ring



Clip 1 —


Ring Speedway Dorogobuzhsky near Smolensk region near the village Verhnedneprovsky. The project is designed in accordance with the requirements of the first category of the Russian Automobile Federation and the second category of FIA. In autumn 2008, began laying the first layer of asphalt. Delivery of the route in operation originally planned in 2009, but was later moved to the middle of 2010.


Circle —


In the development of the race track configuration was involved, "the court architect of Formula 1" Hermann Tilke. Track length of 3,362 kilometers
and a width of 12 to 15 meters consists of 13 turns: 8 of them left and 5 right. Maximum design speed for the car series DTM is 241 km / h


Clip 2 —


In 2010 and in 2011, the track hosted the European Championship stage race trucks.





Autodrome St-Petersburg




The track has a total length — 3073 meters, width — 12-16 meters. And has three basic configurations:

The basic configuration of the "A".
Small ring configuration "B". Designed for test drives.
Configuration "B". Ring "of superior craftsmanship." Designed to teach the basics of sports driving and karting.

This track has a lot to do with the track Paul Ricard (France), some elements borrowed from the slopes: Nurburgring, Shanghai and Monza. 

Circle —


This is a multi-purpose training complex in line with international standards. The track has the fastest high-speed line in Russia, and is an exciting and spectacular in terms of passing the high-speed corners. Highway-circular track with high-tech asphalt, designed in accordance with the requirements of the FIA to the traces of category 2 and the requirements of the RAF to the highway-ring racetracks Category 1.


Clip —


Composition Circuit:

Professional Speedway category 2FIA (1 RAF
Professional line for drag racing
Golf courses
Drift tracks
Kart track
A cross-SUVS
Motocross Track
Trail bike trails
Track Superbike 


And of course …


Moscow Raceway




But first, this route requires a separate article, as in it only (not counting just the beginning of the Sochi construction) in Russia corresponding to the first category of FIA, and therefore can take the race of Formula 1, and, secondly, it opens even after half a year.


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1) By the way, it is no secret that avtosoprt a high-tech, expensive, expensive sport, and from this we can conclude that both the social and economic development of the country can be judged by how developed motor racing.

2) In the Kazan and St. Petersburg ride, Kazan is a beautiful city and the track, too, and so, like off-road, dirt, full itditp … but ringed car racing fascinated since childhood.)))

3) Who went on other routes, either foreign or Russian, please comment, it will be interesting) 

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