Racism and Nazism in the U.S. stormed to new heights

Talking about the ideas of ethnic and religious intolerance, recently we increasingly pay attention either to the state of the Baltic republics with their division into those who are "up to the 40th" and "after the 40th" or the Arab East or Afghanistan where the radical Islamist currents are often placed very real extremist dictatorship.

Often, there are materials and on Russia, which provides information on the situation of xenophobia and religious intolerance in certain groups of the population. In this case, people who identify themselves as domestic "democratic" opposition, has been criticized ever "loyal" to the fact that it's time to move on life by Western standards, and then they say, everyone in our society get better: people will become better, the grass is greener melodious birds, smiles wider (well, "Shirshov").

Only here there is at least one caveat. Western civilization system in terms of the situation razrulivaniya xenophobia is, to put it mildly, not the most ideal. In order to understand this fact, you should pay attention to the "global bulwark of democracy," according to certain groups of people — on the United States of America. Since they are brought to us as an example to follow, why not also use the U.S. as an example of how in this country the situation with national, racial and religious tolerance (or, rather, intolerance).

Recently, in the minds of many has strengthened the idea that the American public has finally overstepped its main Rubicon — Rubicon racial prejudice by electing to the top post in the country black president. That, they say, look at the world, in the United States — held a watershed event, after which all 314 million American citizens unite in a single burst of all-consuming love one … However, if such a large-scale consolidation has happened, it is not everywhere and not to all.

Racial issues in the Stars and Stripes country experienced a rebirth and acquired a very specific form. If some time ago, the word racism in the United States was understood mainly propagated by the psychological doctrine of the supremacy of the white race over the black race, but today, this definition has undergone significant changes.

Today uncommon kind of revenge on the part of African Americans, many of whom are trying to "give" credit for the fact that decades of their "inferiority" in the United States has been one of the major social and political principles. And this is due not only to the fact that for the first time in the history of the country's seat at the White House took a black president, but to the fact that the number of African Americans in many U.S. cities is becoming, if not overwhelming, it is very impressive. For example, the Capital District of Columbia today is populated predominantly dark-skinned American citizens, and in some parts of New York appearance of a person with fair skin for him would be to put it mildly, very unsafe, even in broad daylight … All in all, living in the U.S. today, according to the most conservative estimates of local scribes, about 13% of Blacks of all citizens. Once again — at a conservative estimate …

This situation has become in the United States produce a burst of activity ultranatsionaolisticheskih organizations, the main slogan which repeats calls for members of the Ku Klux Klan "to rid the country of the blacks." And the name of the new manifestations of racial hatred in the United States and unconsolidated rare even do not dare. Many extremist structure is legal to hold their congresses and meetings, the main question which remains "address racial issues." And the words of the authorities that such conventions are obvious shade of extremism, something inaudible.

For example, in recent years a new impetus to its activities was a very specific range of U.S. organizations. Here we are actually on the direct followers of the Ku Klux Klan, "Aryan Nations", "White American Knights", the National Socialist Movement.

The activities of these organizations, as you might guess, based on the classical principles of racism in its most open form. Filling the halls of the impressive size of Maryland, Georgia and other U.S. states, people with crosses clan and swastika on the chest and sleeves become quite commonplace.

Nice feel in the U.S. and Nazi criminals from the Second World War. Under the guise of a very original U.S. laws prohibiting interference in the private life of citizens of the USA, for a long time continued to propagate the ideas of fascism someone like Ted Junker (real name — Theodore Junker). It was he who was the chief ideologist of neo-Nazi gatherings in the United States at the annual congresses, where invited, mostly young Americans who reported that "the Aryan race" to continue the fight mentioned by Adolf Hitler.

Juncker went as far as to have built in his yard is a real memorial to Hitler, having spent a 350 thousand dollars, not only of their money, but out of funds "donated to a good cause," like-minded people.

The memorial consists of plates devoted to the Nazis, installed inside the house portraits "Fuhrer", and the U.S. flag fabric with the Nazi swastika.

It is noteworthy that Juncker tried to gather for the opening of his memorial a few hundred people, but the authorities he was not allowed to do that. You would think that the authorities caught Juncker in attempts to sow new seeds of ethnic hatred and propaganda of fascism, but in fact it was much more banal. The local municipality has recommended an aged Nazi refrain from inviting guests due to the fact that next to his memorial no parking … And this once again shows the attitude of the American powers that be to the problem of racial, ethnic and religious intolerance.

By the way, in the United States Juncker came back in 1955 and, despite the fact that quite openly promoted fascism as a "sole objective" of ideology, no criminal prosecution was not subjected …

It's amazing, but the radical organizations in terms of their attempts to "address racial issues" has recently begun to support and some representatives of the Protestant Church, whose followers in the United States there are more than 51% of the population. In particular, it is one of the branches of Protestantism — Baptist Church, a group of white parishioners in Mississippi which literally banned the local pastor to conduct the wedding ceremony black couples, saying that such a wedding can defile their faith.

This is even more surprising in view of the fact that she Baptist Church through the work of Martin Luther King Jr. (African-American preacher) for a long time advocated for racial equality. It turns out that today in the United States the idea of social Christianity, which is the basis so popular here Baptist branch of Protestantism, offset by certain forces.

However, while it is only about the individual manifestations of racial hatred and connivance of the American authorities. Needless to say, when the U.S. authorities themselves are very real policy of state supremacy over the world. The American nation (as a collective, of course, the image) is the most advanced, the most objective and chosen by God on Earth. If you read the text on which the American leaders appealed to the nation before unleashing another war last time, it turns out that these texts and calls contained in them, in a strange way, combined with the slogans of the Nazi Third Reich. Nazi Germany used propaganda machine of the superiority of the Aryan race over all others to solve their problems. Contemporary American propaganda is that Americans are the main carriers of democracy must sow this democracy everywhere, whether they want to order the country and the people, or do not want. Here there are the same techniques that were used in Nazi Germany: the American people (in this case) the entry into the war is presented as an objective need of protection from the enemy. Similar slogans were in the course and in the Reich, when Hitler and his propagandists companions drew the German people "communist threat from the East sub-humans." A goal-that is, in fact, is the same: and in the 30s in Nazi Germany, and the United States today — to reach new territories, resources and seize the power in their hands … It is in this, in the end, the main principle of racial , national, religious intolerance and even the state.

Therefore, when talking about Western ideals of civilization, and the need to seek them, such conversations are, at least, surprising. To paraphrase a famous commentator, it can be said that such an ideal we do not need …

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