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If you think about it, by and large 19 "server cabinet — is nothing more than a steel shell, inside of which the" right "distance from each other are guides for the installation of the equipment. With a reception at all simple.

If there is a requirement to expand, the cabinet must have at least: the lock in the door, removable side and back walls, conveniently located glands, the possibility of the organization of the natural and forced ventilation of interior space, the ability to control 19 "rails.

Cabinet should not be flimsy or vice versa represent a very heavy metal monolith. Great value for the "level of perception" consumer, has the quality of painting details, quality hardware locking (locks, handles, latches).

If well-designed structure with properly and pedantry "work out" at least the above points you receive the product, the production of which can be successfully master the domestic market, and not to feed our friends from Europe and China, paying extra for shipping.

What is needed? Like anything supernatural:

1. Intelligent (design engineers) and commodity (metal, paint, hardware) resources.
2. The production base.

With the correct formulation of the problem in Ukraine there are no problems. There are competent professionals, they just need to find the correct "promotivirovat." Metal we supply half of the planet.

We do not live in the desert. Manufacturing sites in an empty industrial zone enough.
On the example of domestic cabinet "Cube", which actually deliver, let us discuss the issue of trust domestic manufacturer. Let’s proceed to what happened from simple interest to "show" and to tell you about the equipment. Further suggest learning the pros and cons of these products. Standard telecommunication cabinets in gray, and the server, as it is on the market — black.



FIG. 1 General view of the 19 "form factor with protection to IP30.

As stated by the manufacturer, the dielectric structure powder paint used European manufacturer. On a personal experience recently made sure that the new technology allows paint to achieve the quality level of world producers (for comparison taken the "glands» Molex). Honestly, have not noticed a significant difference :).

With regard to the locking cabinet. All clear, almost like a "Swiss watch". At the Review doors located rotary knob with integrated lock and three point locking mechanism, locking the door in the middle, top and bottom.
Video yet, but you can see in the photo:

FIG. 2 shut-off mechanism.

FIG. 3 An important parameter is the angle of the door opening.

Removable and reversible doors with an opening angle up to 270 °. Also, as an option, the replacement of the door to a solid or perforated. A similar option is extended to the rear wall, which can be replaced with a perforated, sightseeing or a blank door with three-point locking rod lock.

Simply install the equipment or service "stuffing" the locker where you can remove all 3 of the wall. Rigidity and stability of the base cabinet is provided by the front and rear welded frames.

In order to bring the cable into the perforation made as at the bottom, so the roof (Fig. 7) and rear wall (Fig. 6). Sami cable glands, as the practice is not too comfortable, because now there was a design change and the manufacturer has increased the size cable glands. I think that in the near future, will be given a photo report on new developments in the construction of cabinets.

Electrical Fig. 5 — an integral part of good equipment.

Provided a ground loop can be connected to the external bus, and allows the installation of equipment in a cabinet with a total current consumption of up to 600 A.

Figure 6 Surface

A look at the material that is used for the production of cabinets is different thicknesses of sheet steel:
— Chassis frame, base, carrier rack, the base (100 mm) sheet steel, 2.0 mm;
— The door, the roof: Sheet steel, 1.5 mm;
— Panels: 1.2 mm sheet steel;
— Vertical guides 19, tire installation: galvanized steel sheet of 2.0 mm.

Carrying capacity is defined materials and makes up for the communication closet-600kg and 900kg for server-.
Next, consider the other nodes on the example of the construction of cabinets gray, outdoor switchgear cabinet.

FIG. 7 Vertical guides

In the other series of vertical 19 "rails, mounting tires are zinc coated. Resistance to external shock least IK08 (or impact energy? 5 J), in accordance with IEC62262.

Figure 8 Shelf, as an additional and necessary option

Important feature of this type of equipment is the availability of accessories such as shelves, fan trays, panels, plugs, etc.

Load of different models of shelves from 5kg (with mounts on the same plane) to 100kg (with lots of shelves with fixtures in two planes).

As for the ventilation and air flow, at the moment, it is only possible to install the fan (available in two, four and six fans), and the thermostat. But the manufacturer has determined that in the near future, there can be a more progressive system.

FIG. 9 Ventilation

At the top of the roof (Fig. 9), the base (Fig. 4) provides a grid which provides the ability to control the process even cooling equipment, and aimed to establish the inflow of cold and hot air outflow.

FIG. Sidewalls 10

Side panels easily removable, with two latches and one / two cylindrical locks. You can also design flaw count and the absence of "drowning" in the side walls of locks. Over
time, this shortcoming will be finalized by the manufacturer.

Highlights on cases reviewed. Next, examine the rack. Here, everything is much easier (by design) than the cabinets. Because quickly go over the main features.

Painting cabinets is similar. The distance between the frames is governed by a permutation of the perforated support 200mm increments. Additional structural strength attach four pairs of horizontal bridges interconnecting the top frame of the central portion.

FIG. 11 As a material resistant sheet steel stands at 2mm.

Figure 12 All the conductors are grounded together. Also note that the support of a rack mounted on an adjustable screw supports, possibly mounted on rollers. Clips are available as an option.

Similarly, Figure 13 cabinets, available accessories: shelves, etc.

Figure 14

In conclusion, the review would like to add that there is much to say "about the domestic industrial crisis" and of every such, but I am, as they say, his hands became convinced that Ukraine can still do good things.

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