Radar reconnaissance moving targets millimeter

Radar reconnaissance moving targets are widely used both in the interest of fighting, and the organization of systems for combating crime and terrorism. These radar stations are used for tracking the movement of troops and military equipment to ensure correct firing weapons, protection of borders and objects of identification "friend or foe".

On the world market by the developer of military equipment in the segment radar reconnaissance moving targets Ukraine presented developments of "HC" Ukrspetstekhnika. " This company, analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of radar pulse and continuous radiation as well as the centimeter and millimeter-wave, the beginning of his way on the market radar reconnaissance purposes by creating a short-range radar "Fox" and the short-range "Badger". The last-named radar was made the best choice in favor of a continuous wave and millimeter-wave operation, thus realize the benefits of these methods. In early 2004, the radar "Badger" successfully passed the state tests and was adopted by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The first radar reconnaissance millimeter "Badger" and "Fox" put them to the customer — the border agency of Ukraine. Such radar remote exploration indispensable when searching for various kinds of offenders, terrorists and saboteurs.

The use of a continuous-wave radar code manipulation to determine distance to the target and make the radar impervious to intentional and unintentional interference. Millimeter-wave radar has a number of advantages:

  • Work radar has no harmful effects on the human body;
  • millimeter does not interfere with other radio systems and is not subject to interference from external radio systems;
  • small size and weight of the antenna system.

To date, the domestic and foreign consumers proposed industrial scale radar reconnaissance moving targets, developed under the various requirements and conditions of use. It is recognized that for the battlefield and use in special units are particularly important dimensions and weight with acceptable performance characteristics for tactical depth of their action: ability to detect moving and stationary targets, their identification (auto-sensing "friend or foe") , selectivity and the ability to support different background noise. In the proposed radar provides automatic guidance to the selected target, avoiding unnecessary goals, binding information displayed to the area map, processing, display and recording of information on the Notebook.

"Badger" — a portable radar reconnaissance purposes of short-range

Is a portable version of the radar. Recognition mode allows you to determine the distance to the target, and from the characteristic sound coloration of the signal to classify the object. Light weight radar enables the operator to wear it on his chest. "Badger" is indispensable in a patrol or prosecution of offenders in the absence of optical visibility. 

112L1 «Badger" (basic design) — wearable radar patrol. Designed for the detection of moving people, including traveling in motor vehicles and surface facilities;

112L2 «Badger-T" — wearable radar, mounted on a tripod and can perform the same functions as the patrol radar, but when you scan a 120 ° sector with increased range;

112L3 «Badger-PG" — compact radar, installed on the machine, or a grenade launcher and machine gun can fire at group aims at zero visibility.

"Fox" — radars short-range goals

111L1 «Fox" (basic version) — ground radar, installed in vehicles and provides detection of people, vehicles, low-flying helicopters and surface ships in the sector of 120 ° in azimuth.

111L2 «Fox-M" — a portable ground-based radar is mounted on a tripod and ensures detection of people, vehicles, low-flying helicopters and surface ships and correction of artillery fire by the bursting shells of 360 ° in azimuth.

Range Radar — 12 km. "Fox" automatically tracks the target at any time of day and year, in all weather conditions. The subject is displayed on the LCD at the same time determined by its speed and range. The special radar platform "Lys" may be installed on any vehicle.

"Mongoose" — a portable radar reconnaissance purposes of short-range

Radar "Mongoose" is designed for reconnaissance of ground moving targets and can be used for the protection of land and water areas of the state border, battlefield surveillance. Is a portable radar equipment which is placed in a 2-packs, transferred and maintained a crew of 2 persons. The weight of each package — 20 kg. Deployment time — 5 minutes. Radar is mounted on a telescopic tripod height of 1.5 m Remove the operator panel, equipped with a personal computer, mounted on a tripod on the radar — up to 50 m radar automatically in continuous radiation in the millimeter range searches, detection and reporting purposes. The processor operator panel operated on target detection and calculation of its coordinates. On the display screen displays information in visual form in the sector around view or scan the antenna and as a form indicating the number of target, its range and azimuth. The use of solid-state, made with transistors transmitter with low transmission power (0.01 — 1.0 W) hampers the detection of radar electronic means. 

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