Radio for notification systems Lira RP-248-1

The uniqueness of the radio is to combine VHF receiver and a specialized dispatcher radio receiver into a single device. This unit is an additional channel of communication — receiving channel at frequencies 146-174 MHz, 403-430 MHz, 430-450 MHz and 450-470 MHz. Tract has the properties:
local warning signal comes from the dispatcher radio system;
receiving local traffic is a priority due to the forced switching of radio broadcasting mode to receive an alarm signal;
receiving local communications or if the radio is switched off (standby mode);
receiving messages is done using subtone that does not allow for negotiations in listening mode, radio and provides protection from unauthorized access to the transmission of messages with other transmission equipment;
consistent volume level is programmable and independent of the position of the volume control.
Thanks to these properties, the radio is possible public notification in emergency situations, including in emergency situations (ES) of a local nature. This significantly reduces the time taken to emergency information and allows time to evacuate people from the danger zone.

Radio, and a set of radio equipment can be used in various fields of activity:
in small towns, as well as in communities in close proximity to potentially dangerous areas, and areas of possible defeat;
in industrial plants, scattered over large areas;
in urban organizations and institutions, units of which are spread over large areas;
in the units of the transport organizations that use of radio communication (railways, transportation of oil and gas, etc.).
The radio was operational testing and has received positive feedback and support from the Ministry of Civil Defense and Emergency Situations and the President of the SD.

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