Radiofactory enters the Indian market

Omsk radiozavod im.Popova enters the Indian market.


Interstate Development Corporation, which includes OmPA "named Popov Radio Plant" will participate in the creation of the telecommunications infrastructure in India. This was stated by Director General of MCR Ivan Polyakov on the V-m Russian-Indian Forum on Trade and Investment

MCR will develop projects in the field of professional communication and security systems on the basis of info-communications transport medium of guaranteed stability HPIP. The Forum was announced that in the next five years, the Indian government plans to invest one trillion dollars on the development of transport and telecommunications infrastructure.

V-th Russian-Indian Forum on Trade and Investment was held November 10, 2011 in Moscow. The main objectives of the Forum — intensification of economic cooperation, promote mutual investment, the launch of promising innovative projects, the expansion of opportunities for direct contacts between businessmen of Russia and India. Forum organizers: Russian Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India, the Business Council for Cooperation with India. On the issues of Russian-Indian cooperation in the implementation of infrastructure projects, innovation and commercialization of research and technology, strategy and prospects of the development of economic relations between Russia and India.

Earlier, in the business program of the International Aviation and Space Salon "MAKS-2011" held negotiations CEO Ivan Polyakov MCR with heads of Indian corporations SUN Group and Elcom Systems to establish a situation center monitoring, processing and transmission of data intended for the rapid assessment and notification about the situation in large areas, including densely built on hilly terrain, as well as in areas of high migration activity (metro station, train stations) and public events.

Interstate Development Corporation was established February 15, 2011 in Omsk, Russia. The basis of the Interstate Corporation of Development are the intellectual and manufacturing assets of the CSTO states. Innovative portfolio of 250 high-tech CDM projects.

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