RadioTel translate Lenenergo to digital radio

The company "RadioTel" federal services of a professional radio operator, will act as general contractor for the modernization of the mobile radio networks, "Lenenergo", one of the largest enterprises in the energy sector of the North-West region.

In 2011, "RadioTel" successfully completed the first phase of the project, which is carried out within the framework of modernization of the radio network of the regional branch "Vyborg network." Currently, the company’s specialists perform work on modernization of communication networks of branches "Gatchinskye networks", "Novoladozhskye networks", "Kingiseppskye networks", "Suburban network." 

Technical re-equipment of mobile radio includes delivery, installation and acceptance testing of modern infrastructure equipment, programming of the radio links base stations DMR, as well as vozimykh and portable digital radio standard TETRA, the installation of transponders on the power.

The result of the project will be a comprehensive modernization of the radio network technology that combines the parent company of "Lenenergo" and 10 regional branches, with transfer to digital radio standard. A single digital communication system will provide uninterrupted and secure communication between all of the management, will provide opportunities for the exchange of data in real time. 

In order to fulfill the requirements of the Federal Law "On the safety of the fuel and energy complex," organized by the pairing of communication networks, "Lenenergo" with a unified operational radio standard TETRA (network operator — the company "RadioTel"), which provides coordination of the activities of executive authorities of St. Petersburg including counter-terrorism and threats to commit unlawful acts on the fuel and energy complex.

The creation of complex multi-level and multi-functional communication systems for public customers and large industrial companies — is one of the priorities of the company "RadioTel." The company has the relevant experience, technological and intellectual competence to implement such large-scale projects.

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