Radiozavod Popov received a license for the production of unmanned aerial vehicles

OJSC "Omsk Production Association" Radiozavod Popov "was licensed by the Federal Defense Order for the production of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) as aircraft and helicopter type. "The magnitude of vehicles, load capacity and range may be quite different. The plant expects to first obtain an order from the army and put them into service. Although aviation radio plant had not worked, nothing new in this product for the enterprise not. Basically drones — another type of media, which is directly connected with the systems of monitoring and transmitting information, "- said the" Interfax "deputy director of Radio Works Sergei Demensky.


Omsk Radio Works became the third Russian company that has taken over the development of unmanned aerial vehicles

Thus, Omsk company intends to become one of the few Russian producers of UAVs and get in on the apparent trend today for switching the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation with foreign for domestic appliances. For this company, established in 1954, will have to seriously adjust the direction of its operations, because now radiozavod them. Popov produces communications systems and services telecommunications equipment.

Now Patriotic Army and other security agencies (for example, the Border Service of the FSB Russia) buy mainly products of Israel. This situation has developed over the past two decades, and the first time the need for the Russian army in modern-spy drones became apparent during the Russian-Georgian military conflict in August 2008. At the same time the Department of Defense has allocated about five billion rubles for the development of the domestic UAV, however, as reported in April 2010, Deputy Defense Minister, Colonel-General Popovkin, these investments have not yielded any result. A year earlier, the Russian army for the first time received the Israeli technique — then was awarded a contract with Israel Aerospace Industries for the purchase of UAVs. In early 2011 it was announced that a joint Russian-Israeli production in Tatarstan.

A second attempt to create a full domestic UAV was in August of this year when the Department of Defense conducted two respective tender worth three billion rubles. The winners are known developer of aircraft systems "Transas" from St. Petersburg and Kazan bureau "Falcon". It is expected that the first test of the new drones will be held in 2015. And in July, the head of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov assured reporters that the agency will buy and build in Russia. "It is beyond any doubt" — cut off the military.

Omsk Radio Works, in turn, decided to go their own way, investing in the development of UAV’s own funds, the amount of which, however, is not specified. But the investment will pay back in just three years. At the same skepticism about the non-core businesses are not shared. According to Sergei Demensky, the plant has been developing electronic "stuffing" for such machines, now taken as the very basis for the drone.

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