Radium NPP has signed another contract to extend the life of the Embalse nuclear power plant in Argentina

May 21, 2013 PAO NPP Radium Candu Energy and the company signed another contract for the supply of equipment related to the heat pump safety system (SDS2) in a project to extend the life of the Embalse nuclear power plant in Argentina.


This equipment is used to shut down the reactor when it detects low-speed heat pumps.

April 2, 2013 by representatives of PJSC "SPE" Radium "signed a contract with Candu Energy to supply modular control panels (MCR) and emergency board supplementary control for safety system 1 (SDS1), safety system 2 (SDS2) and emergency systems coolant injection to extend the life of nuclear power plants Embalse (Argentina) for 25-30 years. Embalse nuclear power plant consists of a single unit with the reactor type CANDU-6.

The equipment of PJSC "SPE" Radium "will be used to indicate the status of critical parameters of systems operators and personnel during repair and maintenance work. This will provide the technical support necessary for the safe operation of nuclear power plants Embalse.


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