Raid and ambush

According to the press service of the Central Military District, with combined arms reconnaissance units began the final phase of a two-month field output. More than 1,500 scouts improve their skills at the sites in Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Samara, Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk regions and the Russian military base in Tajikistan.

Military personnel work out the organization of the observation posts, intelligence ambushes, raids, reconnaissance patrol in action, learn the tricks of disguise, stealth movement, learning to equip the base camp.

Classes are held in conditions as close to the fighting, reconnaissance units operate in isolation from the main force in the rear of the imaginary enemy, relying on their own skills and abilities. Particular attention is paid to individual training of scouts, the development of skills to perform tasks in combat both offensive and defensive, to improve the combat use of weapons, military equipment and special reconnaissance equipment, inculcate and develop the skills of survival, livelihood and camouflage in combat missions.
During field reconnaissance outlets also carry regulations on shooting from a staff weapon and armament combat vehicles, with their classes on special tactical, airborne training and driving military vehicles. When teaching the scouts actively used experience of intelligence units in local wars and armed conflicts of recent decades.

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