Railroad Day

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and I have nothing to write, here, and so many small train
But …

Well, I decided to rip out gag, then erase :)

I live in the village, which serves the largest rail yard in Russia (previously thought, and Europe, and now I do not know)

The station Bekasovo

All sorting stretched for miles (probably 15 km)

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Powerful lighting at night gives a prominent glow in the sky for 50 miles.

 Photo source:kamensky.ru

 Photo source:kamensky.ru

 Photo source:kamensky.ru

controlled from a central hill

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Automatic read all labels on wagons, automatic switches direction.

Automatic considers speed of the car and knows his weight so slow
clamping the wheel of each car individually.

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Many stations still, hand brake "shoes" and a lot of people become disabled.
there was always automatic

On sorting love not throw out obsolete and sculpt monuments of them

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This semaphore and manual hand (and still probably ten monuments of the entire old)
Hill is a strategic object and passenger trains on this road still drive at night only.
But of course bring students to study

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 Photo source:ktgt.ru

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serves the entire system of thousands of people, and I worked there.
And my parents railroad.

Because I like the railway, and it was necessary to design for her.

Of course it is not all that I have done, and what caught the Internet:

Popular pop stars and businessmen sometimes prefer to travel by Russia and the former Union countries safest form of transport in which you can enjoy the boundless expanse of territory.
But at the same time I would like to have the comfort comparable to a good boat.

Provided customers with Ukraine booked a deluxe car facilities.
It provides for: a shower and solarium, smoking room and a compartment for protection and personnel.
Intercom between all rooms, alarm system, satellite TV
and sightseeing of the surrounding landscape on a large TV set through the roof of the car rotating camera. Finishing the interior in the style of Art Deco is made of special non-flammable natural veneer with embossed leather and vacuum deposition golden details nitride titana.Na Today it is the most expensive car, which was developed in Russia
for private buyers.

 Photo source:tomsk.ru

 Photo source:tomsk.ru

if someone has a stereo glasses red and blue are available (can be increased)

 Photo source:cardesign.ru

Customers have disappeared due to the crisis. Such a complex project can not be done alone and the main idea in the style of Art Deco prinadledzhit not me, and lead designer of Vemina Olga shiryaevoy (a girl with long hair)

 Photo source:aex.ru

just for reference, I’ll show you a personal car of President Lukashenko
(This is done in Russia, but neither I nor my friends (I know them))

 Photo source:transclass.ru

rail service bus (avtomotrissa)
You’d be surprised … but it’s an order from Tajikistan

 Photo source:cardesign.ru

 Photo source:cardesign.ru

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