Railway College opened in Nizhneudinsk (Irkutsk region).

In Nizhneudinsk-based vocational school № 7 opened Railway College, which enrolled 614 people, including 53 — the number of orphans and children left without parental care. The school has established recruitment agency "locomotive" for further and vocational education, where students except for basic education may receive additional training.

"In college modernized learning process for the preparation of operating the railway industry and training of welders. For this purpose from the regional budget in 2013 was sent to 27 million rubles, in 2012, of the regional treasury and budget of JSC "Russian Railways" — 95 million rubles ", — the press-service.

The school provide training in the following areas: locomotive engineer, a conductor on the railways, electrician, linesmen Installation of high voltage overhead lines and the contact system, the master track machines, locksmith service and repair of rolling stock, a welder (electric welding and gas welding work) cook, confectioner.

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