Railway stations Russia: Khabarovsk

The first station was built at the time of start-Ussuri Railway for permanent operation (1 November 1897). He represents a typical one-story wooden building with an area of about one hundred square meters. April 5, 1920 it burned down as a result of the shelling of the forecourt by Japanese troops.

The new one-story stone building was built in November 1926 (first stage — the main part). Fully station complex was completed in 1935 (western part). The room station for passenger service was insufficient. The approach to the trains directly through the way that the simultaneous parking of several trains causing a nuisance. The project on reconstruction of the station was sent to the Ministry of Railways in 1956, but the issue has not been resolved then.

In 1963, reconstruction began station, completed in 1966. The main building of the station was demolished after a series of blasting on its foundation was built a two-story reinforced concrete building in the style funktsionalizma, which is 80 times greater than the square of its predecessor. An underground pedestrian crossing on passenger platforms, arranged automatic lockers.

In March 2000, initiated radical reconstruction, completed in 2007 — the building of a two-story was turned into a three-story, reinforced constructions, architecture silhouette, built a roof with an attic floor in the style of Russian wooden architecture. As a result of the reconstruction of the building has acquired a new architectural appearance — in the style of Russian Art Nouveau. Modern station is able to skip a day up to 10 thousand people, and for the year, almost 3 million passengers. TTC: 4 platform (6 ways), overhead and underground passages.

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